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Foto Produk Kinohimitsu Eyebright 30 sachets dari APRIL-SKIN

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Kinohimitsu Eyebright 30 sachets

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  • Kondisi: Baru
  • Berat: 400 Gram
  • Kategori: Lainnya
  • Etalase: kinohimitsu
Kinohimitsu EyeBright provides you with the ultimate nourishment for your eyes. The health of your eyesight affects your performance at work, school and even at home, and when the health of your vision is at its best, you can be at your best too. Over time, our eyes are prone to damage from the exposure to free radicals and blue light, which can lead to premature macular degeneration and other eye discomforts such as chronic dryness and red veins.

Kinohimitsu EyeBright is designed to offer in depth protective elements to the eyes. Couples with FloraGLO Lutein, DHA, Lycopene and potent anthocyanin (Maqui Berry Extract & Purple Rice Extract) for ultimate nourishment to the eyes. It is carefully tailored to meet the needs of your eyes from childhood to golden age.

Improved Eyesight, powerful anti-oxidant, enhance Vision, protect Eyes Tissue, nourish the eyes, promotes focusing, keep eyes fresh and bright all day, 100% Natural and from plant source, suitable for Vegetarians.

Children - Helps with maintaining a healthy eyesight, cognitive learning, better memory, healthy development of brains & many more.

Young adults & working adults - Protects eyes from fatigue and prolonged exposure to the sun & electronic devices. Helps with dry eyes, contact lens users & long hours of driving too.

Elderlys - Protects retina and nourishes eyes, while strengthening eyesight at the same time. Supporting a healthy vision to lead a healthy, carefree life. Easy consumption & hassle free.

1 sachet is equivalent to 17 cups of spinach

Take 1 sachet a day before breakfast. Consume directly or mix with 50ml water. Serve with a chilled water for delicious taste.
For kids: Consume directly for fun and richer mouth feel.

Made in Taiwan.
Power Merchant


Terakhir online 15 Feb
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Kinohimitsu Eyebright 30 sachets

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