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Capdase Folder Sider Polka Case for iPod Touch 5

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- Design to fit contour precisely
- Open face design for easy operation
- Distinguished and exquisite craftsmanship
- Protects against dust / dirt and scratches
- Provides access to all controls and functions
- Inside spacing for Pay card storage
- Multi-angles for movie viewing

The Soft Jacket Xpose Case for Apple iPod 5 is a soft back case made of a lightweight, durable and flexible material that gives a smooth feel when you hold the iPod in the case.
Protects the screen of your device and enables you to type, tap and scroll effortlessly without worrying about scratching the high-resolution Retina Display on your iPod.

The Apple iPod touch 5 is outfitted with outstanding features like wide HD Super AMOLED Screen, premium curved design and thin form factor. It deserves a protective case that will not only compliment its design perfection but also enhance its usability features. The Capdase Slider Polka is one such intelligent design that suits your precious iPod.

Premium polka-dotted Bi-fold leather cover and rubberized inner encasing for the iPod, complement each other well. Needless to say there are cutouts on the rubber encasing and the jacket compliments the essential functions of the iPod.

The Bi-fold sliding aspect allows you to view your videos in a comfortable landscape orientation. What we really appreciate is the inclusion of a slot in the inner length of the jacket. The ideal place to carry a credit card or emergency cash!

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