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Beauty Products Transactions Surge Twofold, Tokopedia Launches Tokopedia Beauty Dealight

02 March 2021
Beauty Products Transactions Surge Twofold,  Tokopedia Launches Tokopedia Beauty Dealight

Indonesia, 1 March 2021 – Tokopedia recorded an almost twofold increase in transactions in the Beauty category towards the end of 2020.

AVP of Category Development for FMCG & Long Tail Categories Tokopedia, Jessica Stephanie Jap said, “Facial cleansers, facial care packages, serums, face masks and face creams are some of the best-selling beauty products on Tokopedia.”

This high enthusiasm is one of the reasons for Tokopedia Beauty Dealight’s launch. “This campaign is an effort by Tokopedia to being #AlwaysAvailableAlwaysPossible in making it easier for Indonesians to get various needs including beauty products,” said Jessica.

Tokopedia Beauty Dealight, which runs until 5 March 2021, is also an online platform for businesses, especially local MSMEs in the beauty industry such as  Gentle Hour and Maska Indonesia, to continue operating especially in the midst of the pandemic through the use of technology.

Gentle Hour Even Reaches Papua Through Online Platform

Gentle Hour is a local facial cleansing product business that was founded by Jeldine Madjukie, Joyce Arta and Revata Pingkan in August 2020. Since its inception, Gentle Hour has utilized digital platforms such as Tokopedia which contributed significantly to sales.

“Tokopedia helps us reach customers even further up to Papua. Even the presence of various campaigns on Tokopedia, for example Oh Beauty Festival, can provide more exposure to Gentle Hour and even help increase our sales by 13 times,” explained Joyce.

“We are participating in the Tokopedia Beauty Dealight campaign as one of our efforts to continue to meet market needs. Apart from that, we also continue to innovate, one of which is by launching two new Gentle Hour products which can be obtained exclusively at Tokopedia,” said Revata.

Maska Indonesia, Quickly Adapting To Increase Sales

Maska Indonesia, which was founded by Radiya Banyu and Almas Hudiya in 2019, offers a wide selection of skincare products made from natural ingredients.

“During the pandemic, considering that people are more at home, sales of our products on Tokopedia have actually increased significantly,” said Raditya.

Almas also said, “In addition to making our products more popular, various campaigns and the TopAds feature on Tokopedia also helped drive an almost 2x increase in transactions in September 2020 when compared to the previous month.”

Beauty Influencer, Affi Assegaf said, “Every local skincare business activist is competing to offer quality products that are up to par with foreign products. Local skincare products sales have also increased. This indicates there is high demand for local products in the market.”

“I really appreciate Tokopedia because they have provided a platform for local businesses in the beauty industry. A stronger sense of pride in Indonesian-made products should be cultivated together in order to help restore the national economy,” concluded Affi.

Through Tokopedia Beauty Dealight, Indonesians can access more than 100 brands of quality beauty products, especially from local businesses. The public can also enjoy free shipping, exclusive launches, flash sales 3x a day including 99% clearance flash sales, cashback vouchers and many others.


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