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Celebrate 12th Anniversary, Here's a List of Tokopedia Treats for Indonesia

21 December 2021
Celebrate 12th Anniversary, Here's a List of Tokopedia Treats for Indonesia

Jakarta, August 16, 2021 - Coinciding with Indonesia's 76th Anniversary, Tokopedia is celebrating its 12th anniversary. Co-Founder and Vice Chairman of Tokopedia, Leontinus A. Edison said, "For 12 years, Tokopedia has presented various initiatives to support the development of business activists in Indonesia - especially local MSMEs in various parts - one of which is Hyperlocal."

The form of Hyperlocal initiatives, including digitalization of traditional markets and many others. During Quarter II/2021, Tokopedia saw the areas that experienced the most significant increase in the number of buyers, including: Palembang, Semarang, Malang, Makassar and Papua.

“Our efforts over the past dozen years have brought more than 1% of the Indonesian economy to run on top of Tokopedia. Currently, there are more than 11 million sellers, almost 100% of whom are MSMEs and more than 100 million monthly visitors. Our services have also reached 99% of sub-districts in Indonesia," added Leontinus.

He continued, "On this anniversary, we present a series of special initiatives to make it easier for the community as well as to give appreciation to all those who have supported and inspired Tokopedia in working for Indonesia." The public can participate in a series of special programs for the 12th Anniversary of Tokopedia.

  1. Waktu Indonesia Belanja (WIB) Traktiran Ulang Tahun Tokopedia - People can enjoy various attractive offers, such as Free Shipping and Special Cashback up to 100% for various products on 17-31 August 2021.

Tokopedia WIB's monthly shopping festival, which usually takes place from the 25th to the end of each month, encourages an increase in local store transactions. For example, a domestic chocolate producer, Krakakoa, recorded an increase of up to 2 times since following WIB.

  1. Gebyar Koleksi Spesial, studded with Exclusive Local Products - Tokopedia will present exclusive products from a number of local brands, such as Wearing Klamby, Smith Berlin, Compass and many others through the Gebyar Collection Special page.
  2. Presenting BTS - WIB TV Show Spesial Traktiran Ulang Tahun Tokopedia- which will be broadcast on August 17, 2021 on several television stations as well as Tokopedia Play and YouTube Tokopedia at 19.30 WIB - will feature top local and international singers, such as Project Pop, NCT Dream, even one of Tokopedia's brand ambassadors, BTS.
  3. Collaborative Food Donation - As part of the #BangkitBersama campaign, Tokopedia collaborates with sellers, buyers, employees and other strategic partners to donate in the form of basic necessities which will be distributed to medical personnel, underprivileged communities and informal sector workers affected by the pandemic.
  4. From Nakama to Health Workers - Nakama (as Tokopedia employees) also expressed appreciation to health workers who are struggling to treat COVID-19 patients. Nakama initiated the provision of hampers containing vitamins, supplements and self-care in a number of hospitals in Indonesia.



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