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Celebrating Two Years, Mitra Tokopedia Rise Together with Warung


Celebrating Two Years, Mitra Tokopedia Rise Together with Warung

Indonesia, 2 November 2020 – For two years, Tokopedia, through the Mitra Tokopedia ecosystem, has made it easier for traditional businesses — including owners of mom and pop stores, grocery stores and other similar businesses — to develop their businesses through the use of technology.

Head of New Retail Tokopedia, Doni Nathaniel Pranama said, “We have helped millions of traditional businesses to serve more than 50 million people in more than 500 cities/districts in Indonesia. This makes Mitra Tokopedia as the O2O experience platform with the most extensive coverage in Indonesia.”

Numerous positive impacts have been felt by warung owners based on a survey conducted towards thousands of Mitra in October 2020. Nearly 80% of mom and pop owners, grocery stores and other similar businesses who have joined Mitra Tokopedia are able to generate twice of additional profits.

Impact on Business Expansion Impact on Business ProfitsImpact on Business ProfitsImpact on Mitra Social Welfare
More than 80% of Mitra Tokopedia users can reach more customers.8 out of 10 Mitra Tokopedia users have succeeded in increasing the number of warung stocks.9 out of 10 Mitra Tokopedia users sell a wider variety of products in their shop.(best sellers: pulses, electricity, PDAM, BPJS and game vouchers).

Nearly 80% of Mitra get additional benefits more than 2x after joining as Mitra Tokopedia.

Almost 100% of Mitra save on transportation costs of more than Rp50.000 per week by using the Grosir feature in the Mitra Tokopedia application.
More than 25% of Mitra Tokopedia now have more time with family.More than 40% of Mitra Tokopedia experience the ease of doing business.More than 40% of Mitra Tokopedia are becoming more technology literate.More than 50% of Mitra Tokopedia can be more financially independent.
Impact on Mitra Financial WelfareImpact on Digital Financial InclusionPercentage of Mitra Tokopedia UsersMitra Tokopedia’s Role during Pandemic
5 out of 10 Mitra Tokopedia now have additional savings.More than 35% of Mitra Tokopedia has used non-cash transactions/digital wallets.The number of women and male Mitra Tokopedia is almost equal.Nearly 25% of Mitra Tokopedia can still get monthly income even though they no longer work as employees.

On the other hand, traditional business owners can experience various conveniences. Starting from having access towards more affordable product prices, periodic promos, free shipping, same-day delivery service, numerous payment options to the addition of features, such as Grosir (Wholesale) and Penjualan Produk Digital (Digital Products Sales).

Restock Warung Easily, Quickly and Efficiently through the Grosir Feature

The Grosir feature, which is available in more than 75 cities in Indonesia, enables warung owners to restock their inventory more easily, quickly and efficiently. Tokopedia’s internal data records that almost 100% Mitra Tokopedia users save on transportation costs of more than Rp50.000 per week by using the Grosir feature in Mitra Tokopedia application.

Mostakim, a warung owner in Bogor, who has joined as Mitra Tokopedia since February 2020, said, “Usually, I would have to close my warung for about 3 hours to shop at the market. Since becoming a Mitra Tokopedia user, I no longer have to do that because I can restock from my phone. The goods are then sent quickly to my warung.”

“My warung’s monthly income has increased to Rp5 million thanks to Mitra Tokopedia. Apart from selling, I can also earn points through the Poin Hadiah (Rewards Points) feature. I can exchange the points for prizes, such as gold or a chance to win an Umrah package,” continued Mostakim.

Digital Product Sales Increased in Demand During the Pandemic

The Penjualan Produk Digital (Digital Product Sales) feature, such as phone credit, data packages, game vouchers, electricity tokens, water, BPJS and others, are currently available in more than 500 cities/districts throughout Indonesia. It is also made easier for the public to fulfill tax obligations, such as paying for PBB, through warung.

The best-selling digital products at Mitra Tokopedia during the pandemic are phone credits, data packages, electricity tokens, PDAMs, BPJS and game vouchers.

Ine Febrina, a housewife from Jakarta, who joined as a Mitra Tokopedia in March 2020, explained, “During the pandemic, my warung’s transactions increased significantly. By using the Grosir feature, my income can reach up to tens of millions each month. Mitra Tokopedia also helps me in increasing my income by selling digital products.”

“In addition, through my warung, I can help online motorcycle and taxi drivers with fewer customers during these challenging times. Many of my customers were encouraged to provide assistance and entrusted me to distribute daily groceries for these online motorcycle taxi drivers,” she added.

Gerakan Warung Nasional Volume II: Mitra Tokopedia #BangkitBarengWarung

Mitra Tokopedia will continue to promote traditional businesses, especially those currently affected by the pandemic, through various efforts. One of them is through the Gerakan Warung Nasional (GWN) which has been held for two consecutive years.

“This year, Tokopedia highlights #BangkitBarengWarung as the theme for this year’s GWN. Considering that the warung ecosystem is part of MSMEs, supporting more than 60% of the Indonesian economy,” added Doni.

Through #BangkitBarengWarung, Mitra Tokopedia introduces three pillars of activities, namely introducing the Mitra Tokopedia application to the wider community, especially those who have lost their employment due to the pandemic, so that they can start a Payment Point Online Bank (PPOB) and warung business.

Second, Mitra Tokopedia will bring in various attractive promos in the application to increase the users’ income. Finally, presenting various educational contents to equip shop owners and people who have lost their jobs to be able to do entrepreneurship with Mitra Tokopedia.


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Tokopedia, as an Indonesian technology company, has a mission to democratize commerce through technology. Tokopedia’s vision is to build a Super Ecosystem where anyone can start and discover anything. To this day, Tokopedia has empowered millions of merchants and users across the marketplace and digital goods, financial technology and payment, logistics and fulfillment, including Mitra Tokopedia.

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