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Check out Tokopedia's Career Tips in the Technology Industry for Women

15 March 2022
Check out Tokopedia's Career Tips in the Technology Industry for Women

Jakarta, 23 November 2021 - Tokopedia again held its annual technology conference, START Women in Tech, online on Saturday, November 27, 2021 at 09.30-16.00 WIB, which was broadcast through Tokopedia Play, the Tokopedia Academy website and YouTube Inside Tokopedia.

This event involved many female technology experts in Indonesia as speakers, one of them was Leny Suwardi, SVP of Data Protection and Privacy Office Tokopedia.

Leny said, "As an Indonesian technology company, Tokopedia seeks to support the advancement of local digital talent, including female talent, and form a collaborative ecosystem to accelerate the growth and development of the domestic technology industry."

"START Women in Tech is expected to empower Indonesia's digital talents, especially women, by providing opportunities to share experiences, broaden horizons and network in the technology industry to be able to compete globally," added Leny.

In order to welcome the START Summit Extension - Women in Tech event, Tokopedia through Leny shared tips for Indonesian women who want to have a career in the world of technology.

1. Develop Skills - Keep improving skills according to the times. The trick is to keep learning and exploring things. “We can learn for free through Tokopedia Academy. There are many topics that can be studied, ranging from technology, data, product design, entrepreneurship and many more,” said Leny.

2. Find Strengths - Everyone has different experiences and perspectives. It is important to have humility in order to be open to learning from anyone.

“On the other hand, we must focus on what we have and continue to hone it until it becomes our strength. Comparing what we don't have with other people's strengths will only hinder personal development, "explained Leny.

3. Adapting Flexibly - Circumstances and conditions are always changing so it is very important to adapt quickly. “We need to continue to challenge ourselves to innovate and maintain relevance. Wherever we are, we must always give our best,” said Leny.

4. Multitasking - Multitasking ability is also very necessary. For example, balancing family interests and work interests, especially when you are married.

5. The importance of 'Me Time' - "Reading books, exercising, watching drama series, and doing things we love are ways to recharge energy to stay physically and mentally healthy in carrying out roles in family and work," concluded Leny.

Apart from Leny, START Women in Tech will also be attended by Ir. Suharti. M.A, PhD, Secretary General of the Ministry of Education and Culture and Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia; Mira Tayyiba, S.T., MSEE, Secretary General of the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia; Jamshed M.Kazi, Country Representative Indonesia & Liaison to ASEAN at UN Women; Megawati Khie, Country Director of Google Cloud Indonesia; Melissa Siska Juminto, COO of Tokopedia; Catherine Sutjahyo, Chief Food Officer at Gojek Group and many others.

The START Summit Extension - Women In Tech event was supported by a number of partners, including Google Cloud Platform, Intel, Deloitte, New Relic and Bank Bumi Arta. This event can be attended by anyone, who has an interest in technology, for free through the Tokopedia Academy website.

Amalia RizqytaAmalia Rizqyta

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