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Fashion Products Remain Highly Sought After, Tokopedia and Dekranas Launches Festival Fashion Lokal Jawa Barat


Fashion Products Remain Highly Sought After, Tokopedia and Dekranas Launches Festival Fashion Lokal Jawa Barat

West Java, 11 October 2021 – Indonesian technology company, Tokopedia, collaborates with the West Java Provincial Government through the West Java Provincial National Craft Council (Dekranasda Jabar) to launch the Festival Fashion Lokal Jawa Barat campaign.

“This festival is a derivative of Tokopedia’s Hyperlocal initiative which aims to bring buyers closer to the closest sellers to encourage regional economic growth. We hope that local products will become the main choice for the community and MSMEs – including those in the fashion industry – can dominate in their own country,” said Senior Lead Fashion Tokopedia, Aldhy Darmayo.

Based on internal data from Tokopedia, West Java is one of the areas that has experienced a rapid increase in terms of the number of sellers. Moreover, there was an almost 2x increase in the number of transactions in West Java during the third quarter of 2021 compared to the same period in 2020.

“The Fashion category is one of the categories in Tokopedia with the highest increase in transactions in the third quarter of 2021 in West Java. This high interest from Indonesians is one of the reasons why we launched this campaign,” explained Aldhy.

Head of West Java Dekranasda, Atalia Praratya, said, “We really appreciate Tokopedia for providing a stage for fashion MSMEs in West Java through the Festival Fashion Lokal Jawa Barat. Through this campaign, fashion products made by West Java MSMEs can be easily reached by all Indonesian people wherever they are.”

Many MSMEs are taking part in Festival Fashion Lokal Jawa Barat, including Nayara, Ame Raincoat and Gonegani. Until 28 October 2021, Indonesians can obtain curated fashion products made by West Java MSMEs with various offers, such as free shipping, cashback, flash sales and others.

Nayara, Offline-Online Synergy is Key to Dealing with the Pandemic – Nayara is a women’s fashion MSME that started from offline sales, from retail to exhibitions, but the pandemic has greatly impacted this business. “Our turnover had dropped drastically,” said Nayara Founder, Adrina Effendi.

“Tokopedia is Nayara’s hope to maintain sales in the midst of the pandemic. Since regularly participating in campaigns on Tokopedia, we are able to sell hundreds of products every month. The monthly turnover has also reached tens of millions,” said Adrina.

Ame Raincoat, Creates a Raincoat Using 100% Local Materials – Starting from a product design college project, Mirza Miftah and Bimo Atiflu, finally continued their raincoat business with the Ame Raincoat brand because they saw the huge potential. “All Ame Raincoat products are made from the best and 100% local polyester,” explained Mirza.

Even though they experienced a decline in sales at the beginning of the pandemic, this situation actually motivated Mirza and Bimo to innovate in terms of products, for example making cloth masks. “Continuing to innovate and maximize the use of Tokopedia’s digital platform makes Ame Raincoat sales increase by 2x,” said Bimo.

Gonegani, Local Muslim Fashion with Minimal Capital Gains Hundreds of Millions Turnover – Starting from looking for a way to live independently during college, Khairul Gani ventured to sell ready-to-wear clothes. With a capital of only Rp1 million, he then made his own design Muslim fashion product, named Gonegani in 2016.

“Through Tokopedia, now our turnover can reach hundreds of millions per month. The name Gonegani is even known from Aceh to Papua,” concluded Khairul.



Amalia RizqytaAmalia Rizqyta

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