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International Women’s Day: Local Women-owned Businesses Rise on Tokopedia in 2021

26 April 2022


International Women’s Day: Local Women-owned Businesses Rise on Tokopedia in 2021

Indonesia, March 8, 2022 – Ahead of International Women's Day on March 8, Tokopedia revealed that the number of women-owned MSMEs on Tokopedia has increased 2.5-fold in 2021 compared to 2020.

“Tokopedia also noted that cities such as Pekanbaru, Palembang, Pekalongan, Denpasar, and Balikpapan have experienced the fastest growth in local women-owned businesses in 2021,” explained Tokopedia’s Head of Product (Campaign), Helena.

This rise is driven by many of Tokopedia's initiatives which involve local business actors – particularly women running their own MSMEs. These initiatives include Tokopedia Beauty Awards 2021, Women in Style, as well as the Hyperlocal initiative and its derivative programs, such as Tokopedia Nyam!, Festival Fashion Lokal Jawa Barat, and many more.

Studio Dapur is an example of Bandung-based MSME with a turnover of tens of millions of rupiahs on Tokopedia. Founded by entrepreneur Mega Puspita and several of her colleagues, the studio provides a platform for bamboo weavers with varied backgrounds in the village of Padakembang, Singaparna, West Java to showcase their work.

“The craftsmen produce a variety of eco-friendly bamboo handicrafts, such as serving hoods, trays, glass and plate mats, baskets, and others. We also regularly train these bamboo weavers as well as local residents to make high-quality bamboo crafts in order to give them a stable livelihood while maintaining the sustainability of the village,” Mega explained.

Noesa is another example of an MSME that is owned by women and is empowering local craftswomen. Annisa Hendrato and Cendy Mimaz have collaborated with a community of female weavers and tailors in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) to produce Flores tenun ikat (woven fabric) products, such as wallets, bracelets, camera straps, and many more.

“Tokopedia accounted for more than 60% of Noesa's total sales during the pandemic. This helps us maintain the productivity of our craftswomen in NTT. Our products can now also be easily found by people all over Indonesia,” said Annisa.

Tokopedia Continues to Empower Indonesian Women

Tokopedia also continues to hone the digital skills of Indonesian women through initiatives such as Tokopedia Bersama (Beraksi Untuk Sesama) - which holds women's empowerment as one of its pillars - and Tokopedia Academy.

Tokopedia Bersama hosts the Tokopedia Migrant-CARE program which helps post-migrant women create online business opportunities as well as the E-commerce Education and Mentoring program in partnership with the Association of Women in Small Business Assistance (ASPPUK) to provide training for women MSME activists.

On the other hand, Tokopedia Academy constantly encourages the development of female digital talents in Indonesia, one of which is through the annual START Women in Tech technology conference. Many female tech experts have participated in the event and shared their ideas and experiences.


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Tokopedia, as an Indonesian technology company, has a mission to democratize commerce through technology. Tokopedia’s vision is to build a Super Ecosystem where anyone can start and discover anything. To this day, Tokopedia has empowered millions of merchants and users across the marketplace and digital goods, financial technology and payment, logistics and fulfillment, including Mitra Tokopedia.

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