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Mitra Tokopedia #SemangatKu4t Campaign Appreciates Traditional Business Owners

07 November 2022


Mitra Tokopedia #SemangatKu4t Campaign Appreciates Traditional Business Owners

Mitra Tokopedia holds the ‘Cerita Kampung Mitra Tokopedia’ competition, check out the winners’ inspirational stories

Jakarta, 1 November 2022 - Mitra Tokopedia, an application for traditional entrepreneurs-such as bodegas or warungs owners, traditional grocery stores and other similar businesses, stocks physical and digital products such as as Credit, Data Packages, Electricity Tokens, and much more, efficiently, cheaply and quickly – enters its fourth year and organizes #SemangatKu4t campaigns.

Head of New Retail Tokopedia, Karina Susilo, said, “#SemangatKu4t campaign is our appreciation towards traditional business owners, who have been using Mitra Tokopedia to start and develop their businesses. Through this campaign, Tokopedia has also held a ‘Cerita Kampung Mitra Tokopedia’ competition and shares the winners with the most inspirational stories.”

“In addition to sales, the winners of ‘Cerita Mitra Tokopedia Kampung’ competition–such as Marfour and Titin–also have an impact on society. As a token of appreciation, we will renovate the stores of the winners so that they are even more inspired in running their business,” added Karina.

With Rp0 Capital, This Mitra Tokopedia Mom-and-Pop Store Owner Sells Digital Products and Consistently Shares Acts of Goodwill

Marfour Syam, the owner of Toko Si Kembar (Bogor, West Java), has been using the Mitra Tokopedia application since 2018 to increase her income since her husband’s sudden unemployment. Thanks to Mitra Tokopedia, Marfour can spend capital on something other than selling digital products.

Her customers’ most purchased digital products include phone credit, data packages, game vouchers, and electricity tokens. If there is more profit, Marfour always contributes to the Blessed Friday (‘Jumat Berkah’) activities held in her neighborhood to share her fortune with others.

“Thanks to Mitra Tokopedia, I don't need to spend capital on starting selling digital products such as credit or data packages. I am also very helpful in managing books and recording customer debts with the Record Debt feature in Mitra Tokopedia. If I receive more profit from my sales, I always share them with others,” Marfour said.

The Story of Mitra Tokopedia Traditional Grocery Store Owner Reaches a Daily Turnover of Millions and Helps Surrounding Communities

Titin Lestari, the owner of Toko Gibran (Medan, North Sumatra), set up a stall in 2017 and joined Mitra Tokopedia in 2019. She uses the Grosir feature to stock groceries and the Digital Product feature at Mitra Tokopedia to sell digital products, such as Credit, Electricity Tokens, Data Packages, and Credit Installment Bill Payments.

Since joining Mitra Tokopedia, the daily turnover of Titin warung can reach millions of rupiah, twice as much as before using Mitra Tokopedia. Because the store is more crowded with visitors since using Mitra Tokopedia, Titin often helps residents who want to leave merchandise.

“The turnover of my warung can reach millions of rupiah per day, doubling since using the Mitra Tokopedia application. My store is also becoming more crowded, so I can help residents–who don't have a place to sell–to leave their goods in my stall,” Titin said.


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