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MSMEs at Tokopedia Reveal 5 Beauty Tips for Welcoming Virtual Eid

09 June 2021
MSMEs at Tokopedia Reveal 5 Beauty Tips for Welcoming Virtual Eid

Jakarta, 5 May 2021 – The pandemic has encouraged more people to shop online. Tokopedia has also consistently introduced a series of campaigns to make it easier for people to meet their daily needs without having to leave the house and meet crowds.

For example, through ‘Semasa di Tokopedia’ campaign, which is a collaboration with various sellers, especially local MSMEs from the food and beverage industry, household, fashion to beauty. This collaboration has been held 5 times and continues to be very well received by the community.

“This can be seen from the increase in sales of ‘Semasa di Tokopedia’ in December 2020 which reached more than 6.5 times compared to the first online event in May 2020,” explained AVP of Category Development for FMCG & Long Tail Categories Tokopedia, Jessica Stephanie Jap.

This increase was also felt by local MSMEs. Owner of Oullu, Pamela Ridwan said, “During the ‘Semasa di Tokopedia’ campaign in December 2020, our sales increased more than 5 times compared to before participating in the campaign.”

Owners of Sare Botanics, Chacha Prasidyani and Gerald Stefanno also said that the ‘Semasa di Tokopedia’ campaign also helped increase public awareness of their products. “Our sales can soar up to 8 times,” said Chacha.

Sare Botanics’s owner, Chacha dan Gerald

This extraordinary increase has encouraged Tokopedia to present ‘Semasa di Tokopedia’ once more during the month of Ramadan until May 2, 2021. Indonesians can meet various needs ahead of Eid – including beauty products – from a number of local MSMEs.

Moreover, Tokopedia together with Oullu and Sare Botanics share some beauty tips and inspiration for the community to look attractive in welcoming Eid-al Fitr virtually:

  1. Get Enough Rest – Gerald explained that in addition to getting enough sleep for 7-9 hours every day, using aromatherapy oils can also help relax and promote better sleep for a more refreshed body. “During the pandemic, our Rest and Relax variant essentials oil blend products were the best-selling products,” added Gerald.
  1. Consumption of Healthy Food – Expand the consumption of nutritious foods, such as fruits and vegetables. In addition, drinking enough water is also beneficial for moisturizing the skin so that it looks healthier during Eid.
  1. Routinely Use Skincare – Regular use of skincare can make the face look glowing during the virtual gathering. Chacha added, “Not only as aromatherapy, our essential oil products can also be used to treat facial skin.”

“Mixing our citrus variant with rosehip oil, for example, can moisturize the skin and reduce dark spots on the face naturally,” she explained.

  1. Wear Mask, Focus on Eye Makeup – Choose a brighter eye shadow color so that your face looks fresh even if you use a mask. You can also choose the color and motif of the mask that matches your eye makeup to keep them looking attractive during virtual Eid.
  1. Use Perfume – The use of perfume with the right scent can also elevate the mood, and during virtual Eid is no exception. “Apply unscented lotion at the point where the perfume will be sprayed so that the perfume lasts all day,” explains Pamela.

Pamela also suggests, “Women can use a soft and cheerful scent like the Aether variant, while men can try a fresh, spiced scent like our Umbra variant.”


Amalia RizqytaAmalia Rizqyta

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