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National Children's Day: Tokopedia Collaborates with Experts to Share Tips for Taking Care of Children's Mental Health


National Children's Day: Tokopedia Collaborates with Experts to Share Tips for Taking Care of Children's Mental Health

Jakarta, 22 July 2021 - The role of parents is very important in supporting the growth and development of children so that they remain optimal, including during the pandemic.

External Communications Senior Lead Tokopedia, Ekhel Chandra Wijaya, said, “To celebrate National Children's Day, Tokopedia collaborates with various strategic partners, including local MSMEs and other strategic partners, to make it easier for families to meet their daily needs while maintaining children's mental health in the midst of a pandemic.”

Together with Child Psychologist, Fathya Artha Utami and Owner of Utama Spice, Ria Templer, shared tips for building a positive and comfortable home atmosphere so that they can maintain children's mental health.

  1. Maintain a Balance between Family and Work - “The pandemic has pushed more parents to work from home, so maintaining productivity while raising children can be a challenge,” explained Fathya.

According to Fathya, parents need to compromise with each other on their roles and tasks. Determine which is a priority and when it is time to focus on family.

  1. Know the Characteristics of a Child in Distress - According to Fathya, many children experience stress due to the pressure that occurs at home during the pandemic. “Changes in behavior and emotions as well as physical complaints in children are some of the characteristics of stress that can be experienced by children,” she clarified.
  2. Communicate Emotions - The sensitivity of parents to detect stressful behavior in children is needed to maintain the mental health of the family. “One way is to communicate emotions with children honestly so that we know their needs,” said Fathya.

By communicating honestly, parents and children will be able to develop strategies to calm each other's emotions. Also understand that all the emotions you feel are true and accepted.

  1. Be Present in Helping the Child Manage Emotions - “Just like parents, during the pandemic, children can feel sad, afraid, insecure and frustrated. The difference is, parents are better able to manage and express emotions,” explained Fathya.

“For that, parents need to accompany their children in managing emotions with the FALRD method: Face it calmly, Assume all feelings are important, Listen without being distracted, Remember to help name the child's emotions and Discuss options, boundaries and problem solutions,” she said.

  1. The Importance of Relaxation for Families - “Meditation or wearing a face mask with the family can be a fun and relaxing activity for the weekends,” said Fathya. For example, the use of essential oils made by Utama Spice, an example of the Balinese MSME at Tokopedia, which has collaborated with dozens of local farmers in its production, can provide calming properties and relieve anxiety.

“Chamomile and ylang oil contents can provide a calming sensation. While the cool and refreshing aroma of mint to eucalyptus oil can help the immune system and healing,” explained Ria. The scent of lavender, lemon and orange is also safe for children.

Tokopedia Distributes Books for Children with COVID-19

In addition to collaborating with experts, Tokopedia actively collaborates with other strategic partners, including Big Bad Wolf (BBW), to support the handling of the pandemic, one of which is helping children exposed to COVID-19.

“To coincide with National Children's Day, Tokopedia will provide thousands of books for children being cared for at Wisma Atlet. We hope that these books can accompany and boost the enthusiasm of the children with COVID-19 during treatment and recovery at Wisma Atlet,” concluded Ekhel.


Amalia RizqytaAmalia Rizqyta

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