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National Finance Day: Tokopedia Shares Financial Management Tips for MSMEs

15 March 2022
National Finance Day: Tokopedia Shares Financial Management Tips for MSMEs

Jakarta, 29 October 2021 - The pandemic is a situation full of uncertainty for everyone, including local MSMEs. "So we need more capable capabilities in managing finances so that businesses can continue to survive and even develop," said AVP of Product-Seller Experience Tokopedia, Puput Hidayat.

"As an Indonesian technology company with a marketplace, consisting of more than 11 million sellers and almost 100% of local MSMEs, Tokopedia always strives to improve seller's financial literacy through comprehensive education to digital innovation," added Puput.

Welcoming the National Financial Day on October 30, 2021, here are Tokopedia digital tips and innovations that MSMEs can use to manage business finances.

  1. Perform Routine Bookkeeping - Routine bookkeeping of all incoming and outgoing costs including the recording of debt is very important for business actors to maintain the smooth running of their business.

    Puput said, “Traditional business owners can take advantage of the ‘Catatan Hutang’ feature in the Mitra Tokopedia application. This feature will help bookkeeping related to expenses, income, and receivables digitally, making it easier and more practical.”
  2. Budget Analysis - In addition to conducting bookkeeping and periodic evaluations, businesses should analyze the budget to find out whether financial management is running according to targets. This is so that in the following year the business can grow with a better financial system.
  3. Create a Special Account - “Separate personal account from business account to make it easier to measure business growth. The easiest way is to open a new account specifically for business. Business activists can take advantage of the Open Account feature on Tokopedia to make it easier to open new accounts,” said Puput.
  4. Take Advantage of Financial Services - MSME players can take advantage of Financial Services in the Tokopedia Seller application, for example, Modal Toko installments to increase production costs, marketing budgets or product restocks, as well as in general smoothing the management of store financial flows so that the business continues to grow.
    This financial service can be used by sellers with memberships ranging from Regular Merchant (RM), Power Merchant (PM) to Power Merchant Pro (PM Pro) at Tokopedia who meet the terms and conditions.
  5. Use the FIFO System - For businesses, especially F&B products, the first in first out (FIFO) system is very effective in anticipating expiration dates. Shipping security also needs to be considered because damage can disrupt the budget.

"We also work with more than a dozen trusted logistics partners, one of which is Paxel, which offers a special delivery system to ensure that makmin products can be received safely, quickly and affordably," concluded Puput.


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