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PBB Surabaya Now Can Be Paid Online Via Tokopedia


PBB Surabaya Now Can Be Paid Online Via Tokopedia

Surabaya, 18 October 2021 - Tokopedia and the Surabaya City Government are collaborating in providing digital access to public services through the online Land and Building Tax (PBB) payment feature at the Tokopedia Tax Counter.

“Tokopedia is believed to be the first modern channel to serve PBB payments online in Surabaya. With this, we want to make it easier for the public to access public services more comfortably, quickly and safely from the palm of their hands,” said Head of Public Policy and Regional Government Relations Tokopedia, Emmiryzan.

The Mayor of Surabaya, Eri Cahyadi, said, “We really appreciate Tokopedia for presenting the online PBB payment feature for Surabaya. In addition to making it easier to pay taxes anywhere and anytime, this effort is also expected to increase public awareness in paying taxes because taxes play a very important role in regional development.”

Ways to pay PBB via Tokopedia is very easy. People simply choose the city/district they want to pay, in this case Surabaya. After that, enter the payment number/tax object principal number/SPPT PBB in the provided page. Select last year's description, the rate value will appear as a PBB bill.

Payments can be made with 50 payment methods, including installment payments, bank transfers, electronic money, offline outlets such as minimarkets and post offices and many others. The public can also use the promo code "PBBSURABAYA" to get cashback of up to IDR 10,000 during 8 - 31 October 2021.

Now the PBB payment feature on Tokopedia is available for more than 100 cities/districts in Indonesia. “This feature is expected to shorten the public administration process in paying taxes. Furthermore, we hope that this innovation can maximize the potential of state revenue for digital economic equality while at the same time helping the economic recovery to #BangkitBersama in the midst of the pandemic," concluded Emmiryzan.



Amalia RizqytaAmalia Rizqyta

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