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Tokopedia Closes Investment Round from Netprice.com, Ltd


Jakarta, Indonesia – April 04, 2012 – Tokopedia, a proudly Indonesian major online-mall with more than 16,000 active merchants today, announced its closing round of investment from netprice.com, Ltd.

Prior to this investment, Tokopedia had previously received funding from PT. Indonusa Dwitama, East Ventures, and CyberAgent Ventures.

“netprice sees strong potential in Indonesia’s e-commerce industry, and we want to create a strong base of e-commerce business in Indonesia through this investment,” stated Teruhide Sato, President and Group CEO of netprice.com, Ltd.

Teruhide Sato has been in the e-commerce industry for 15 years. Besides his passion for e-commerce, he is also active in angel investment and incubation projects around the world with his involvement in Open Network Lab.

With this investment in Tokopedia, Teruhide Sato will also join Tokopedia’s board, while both co-founders of Tokopedia, Leontinus Alpha Edison and William Tanuwijaya, will continue to lead and maintain the full operational responsibilities of Tokopedia.

“As young entrepreneurs, we love to surround ourselves with good mentors. We definitely can learn a lot from an entrepreneur-CEO with many years of e-commerce experience such as Sato-san,” stated William Tanuwijaya, CEO of Tokopedia.

With this new fund, Tokopedia expects to maintain their rapid growth, as well as to accelerate and expand their business.

About Tokopedia

PT. Tokopedia was founded in February 2009 and subsequently launched tokopedia.com on 17 August 2009. Tokopedia enables Indonesian individuals and small-to-mid-sized business owners to start their online stores, while facilitating a more secure and convenient online shopping experience.

About netprice.com, Ltd.

netprice.com, Ltd has set foot in the E-Commerce business during the earliest days of the Internet history and has become the leading companies, especially in the mobile field. 13 years after the establishment, netprice now has 8 domestic and 4 overseas companies operating its core businesses.

netprice has been focusing on developing its businesses by fully utilizing the benefits of the Internet, such as the timeliness, the ease of participation by individuals, and the global character allowing people to connect with different parts of the world.

One of the group’s strengths is to accelerate the growth of businesses by sharing the know-how and the networking it has cultivated through launching a number of businesses.

Now netprice aspires to produce even more creative innovations as well as to build a renewed realm in the business of the Internet while applying its strengths to its incubation projects.



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