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Sellers in Tokopedia Introduces Environmentally Friendly Initiatives


Sellers in Tokopedia Introduces Environmentally Friendly Initiatives

Custombox Indonesia Offers Eco-Friendly Packaging Products and NutriMart Launches Recycle Program

Jakarta, 19 February 2020 – In order to welcome the National Waste Awareness Day on 21 February 2021, Tokopedia shares two inspirational stories of two green sellers, namely Custombox Indonesia and NutriMart.

External Communications Senior Lead Tokopedia, Ekhel Chandra Wijaya, said, “Tokopedia commits to being #AlwaysAvailableAlwaysPossible in supporting local communities to play an active role in protecting the environment, one of which is by providing a stage for local businesses that emphasizes having environmentally friendly products or initiatives.”

“Hopefully, this support can encourage more people to take part in protecting the environment while simultaneously contributing to the recovery of the Indonesian economy which is currently affected by the pandemic,” Ekhel added.

Custombox Indonesia, Introduces Environmentally Friendly Packaging Boxes

After graduating from the University of California, Riverside in the United States, Dino Johari returned to Indonesia and continued his family business in packaging that had been established since 1992. Many breakthroughs were made by Dino, especially in facing competition in the digital era, one of which was by launching the online store Custombox Indonesia in Tokopedia in 2018.

“Through Custombox Indonesia, we offer packaging box solutions for businesses from various fields, from food, fashion to beauty. Our packaging boxes are made of recycled kraft paper so they are more environmentally friendly,” said Dino.

Digital platforms such as Tokopedia have helped Dino reach more people while maximizing sales. “During the pandemic, for example, our sales increase up to 3x when compared to before the pandemic,” he said.

Dino also made various adjustments so that the business could continue to run even in the midst of the pandemic. “One of them is by reducing the minimum purchase quantity to make it more accessible to emerging businesses, especially MSMEs,” said Dino.

Dino’s efforts have helped improve the welfare of the surrounding community. “Currently there are more than 90 employees who are also local residents. Since joining Tokopedia, we are grateful that we have to add employees in the admin and production departments to handle online orders,” said Dino.

NutriMart, Invites Consumers to Manage Waste

Changes in people’s spending patterns since the pandemic have made Nutrifood as one of the FMCG companies in Indonesia to adapt quickly, one of which is by opening the NutriMart Official Store on Tokopedia.

“Our main focus is to make it easier for consumers to get our products, including in the midst of a pandemic, thus, Nutrifood uses the TokoCabang service from Tokopedia,” said  Ignasius Dwi Sagita, eCommerce & Performance Marketing Manager Nutrifood.

“By utilizing these services, we are greatly facilitated from an operational perspective. Starting from receiving orders, packaging to delivering them to the courier, especially when facing a surge in demand, TokoCabang helps with our perspective,” he continued.

Nutrifood is also committed to running a business in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner with various initiatives related to waste management, one of which is by placing dropboxes for paper, plastic and glass packaging in various areas of Jabodetabek.

Nutrifood also invites customers, including ones in Tokopedia, to bring  their product packaging waste which will later be distributed and processed by recycling centers to help with the waste processing  and reduce the amount of packaging waste.


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