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Take a peek at Tokopedia’s 2021 Beauty and Fashion Trends

26 April 2021
Take a peek at Tokopedia’s 2021 Beauty and Fashion Trends

Indonesia, 12 January 2021 – The pandemic is driving the creation of new trends in society, from beauty to fashion. As people do more activities at home, people are motivated to look attractive by taking care of themselves using various beauty products and dressing casually.

“We can see from the data on the increase in transactions in the Beauty category on Tokopedia during Q4 2020, which reached almost 2x compared to the same period in the previous year,” said Tokopedia Beauty, Health and Personal Care Category Development Senior Lead, Jessica Gunawan.

Tokopedia reveals some of the beauty and fashion trends that will be popular in 2021:

  1. Local Skincare Is Becoming More Popular – Various local skincare products are predicted to increasingly dominate the Indonesian skincare industry. It can be seen from the facial serums, creams and facial cleansers that have been the most sought after products on Tokopedia lately.

Ririe Prameswari (@ririeprams), Beauty Vlogger Indonesia, said, “Now more and more local skincare brands are offering a variety of facial care products with quality that is no less competitive than foreign products.”

“Some of the must-have products this year are cleansing balms, facial serums and sunscreens. In addition, skincare products made from natural ingredients to treat acne, moisturize the skin and prevent signs of aging will also be increasingly in demand in 2021,” added Ririe.

2. Colorful Makeup Trend – A makeup look that is predicted to remain trendy is flawless complexion. “This near-perfect makeup look emphasizes complexion blending techniques and bold color choices for eyeshadow and lipstick,” says Ririe.

The choice of bold colors such as orange and red in eye makeup that give a fresh impression to everyday looks is predicted to be a trend in 2021. Ririe also said that glossy lips will be increasingly in demand because it makes a fresher impression.

3. Casual Fashion remains in demand – According to Ririe, this year’s fashion trend is still promoting casual styles that prioritize comfort. “Comfortable clothes like pajamas or tie dye shorts will still be popular. Oversized clothes with bright colors are also predicted to remain a trend this year, ”said Ririe.

Cloth face masks on the other hand remain one of the must-have fashion products this year. “Now there are many local creators who make cloth face masks with various models, mix colors and attractive patterns so that they can be adjusted to any style,” continued Ririe.

Batik masks for example, experienced a significant increase of more than 10x on Tokopedia during the 2020 pandemic when compared to the initial period of the pandemic.

4. Accessory Trends – According to Ririe, a selection of accessories that will hit during 2021, including earrings, stacked necklaces, bucket hats to mask decorations such as filters, chains and knots. These accessories can also make everyday look more attractive.

“Tokopedia strives to maintain its commitment of #SelaluAdaSelaluBisa (#AlwaysPresentAlwaysAble) through collaboration with local businesses, especially MSMEs, to bring various programs such as Beauty Flash Friday and Fashion Friday that can make it easier for people to get their daily needs, including beauty and fashion products, “Jessica concluded.


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