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The Role of Women in the Digital Industry of Indonesia

30 April 2021
The Role of Women in the Digital Industry of Indonesia

Digital Kartini from Tokopedia brings convenience through technology

Jakarta, 20 April 2021 – In this modern era, Kartini’s spirit is still deeply rooted. It is evident from the various achievements of Indonesian women in various fields, ranging from economy, politics, social to technology.

Farrah Nurul Fatimah, for example. As Product Design Lead Tokopeda, she has become one of the leading women who have encouraged various innovations in Tokopedia to make people’s lives easier.

Farrah’s interest in technology became prominent when he joined Tokopedia in 2013 as a web designer. “At that time, there were only 3 web designers in Tokopedia. We are responsible for developing the Tokopedia website so that it is easy for the public to use, ”explained Farrah.

Farrah is also one of the Nakama (Tokopedia employees) who initiated the existence of digital products on Tokopedia, such as credit payments, electricity bills and so on. Thanks to this breakthrough, many people have been helped to meet the needs of digital products – seen from the number of digital product transactions on Tokopedia that has increased significantly since its launch.

Farrah and dozens of Product Design Lead Tokopedia led hundreds of Nakama to develop various products on the Tokopedia website and application. The innovations developed include inbox features, chat, notifications, help pages/resolution centers to streaming services, Tokopedia Play.

“Tokopedia Play is a breakthrough in the e-commerce industry that allows sellers to interact directly with the public through live shopping,” added Farrah. Public enthusiasm for the content on Tokopedia Play can be seen from the total views which reached more than 8 million during the first quarter of 2021.

Farrah said, “In creating or developing innovations, we keep thinking about the needs of users, including visuals and their interactions. Of course also by prioritizing 3 DNA Tokopedia, namely Focus on Consumer, Growth Mindset and Make it Happen, Make it Better. “

As a digital talent for Indonesian women, Farrah revealed that gender is not a barrier to continuing to work and maximizing one’s potential in various fields, which is important to have the will and ability.

“Tokopedia continues to encourage every Nakama, including women, to continue to innovate. Of course, by promoting the sincerity of sharing like a teacher and humility to continue learning like a student, “he said.

The Indonesian technology company, Tokopedia, is currently home to more than 6,000 Nakama from various backgrounds. The ratio of the number of female and male employees is relatively balanced.

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