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Tokopedia Launches ‘Dilayani Tokopedia’ Fulfillment Service

23 March 2022


Tokopedia Launches ‘Dilayani Tokopedia’ Fulfillment Service

Indonesia, March 18, 2022 Tokopedia has recently transformed its fulfillment service, previously known as TokoCabang, into Dilayani Tokopedia (Fulfilled by Tokopedia). Officially launched today (3/18/2022), the service allows sellers to easily store their products in "smart warehouses" in high-demand areas.

AVP of Fulfillment Tokopedia, Erwin Dwi Saputra, explained, “Dilayani Tokopedia fully assists sellers in their everyday business operations, from receiving, packing, and shipping orders, to handling transaction issues."

“Sellers can also increase their sales by utilizing Dilayani Tokopedia’s network of smart warehouses. Our internal data shows that sellers using Dilayani Tokopedia's services have nearly doubled their average number of transactions compared to before,” Erwin continued.

In general, Tokopedia’s fulfillment service transactions increased almost four times compared to the previous year. “Tokopedia will continue to strive to provide priority services to sellers and enhance their business competitiveness through Dilayani Tokopedia,” said Erwin.

Currently, Dilayani Tokopedia’s smart warehouses can be found in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Makassar, Medan, Palembang, and will soon expand to other cities.

Dilayani Tokopedia also provides priority, fast and secure service to buyers across Indonesia. Buyers can quickly access a wide range of products and enjoy free shipping to cities throughout the country. Products are also guaranteed to arrive at their doorstep within a maximum of 4 hours for intercity deliveries and 48 hours for deliveries to other cities following payment.

“In 2021, Jabodetabek, Surabaya, Bandung, Medan, Semarang and Yogyakarta were the regions with the highest number of transactions using our smart warehouse services,” he added.

Pupuk Dinosaurus Improves Farmers’ Productivity

Freddy Wijaya and Steven Wijaya founded Pupuk Dinosaurus out of a shared concern for the welfare of farmers in East Nusa Tenggara. They began producing organic fertilizers to increase the productivity of the land, which also improves the income of local farmers.

“We started out trying to help local farmers. Now, Pupuk Dinosaurus products can be easily found in different regions in Indonesia, such as Sumatera, Bogor, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, South Sulawesi, West Kalimantan, and Maluku. We are happy that our products can help Indonesian farmers maximize their crop yields,” said Freddy.

Pupuk Dinosaurus also regularly posts a variety of educational videos through social media with tips and tricks on how to increase productivity and produce quality crops. Freddy hopes that the farmers' new knowledge and insights can be shared with their peers.

Freddy also uses Dilayani Tokopedia to help ensure that his products are easily accessible to Indonesian farmers. “Thanks to Dilayani Tokopedia, our turnover has increased significantly. This is also our motivation to keep contributing to the advancement of Indonesia's agricultural sector," he explained.


About Tokopedia

Tokopedia, as an Indonesian technology company, has a mission to democratize commerce through technology. Tokopedia’s vision is to build a Super Ecosystem where anyone can start and discover anything. To this day, Tokopedia has empowered millions of merchants and users across the marketplace and digital goods, financial technology and payment, logistics and fulfillment, including Mitra Tokopedia.

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