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Tokopedia ‘Ramadan in Style’ Encourages Sales of Local Muslim Fashion SMEs

09 June 2021
Tokopedia ‘Ramadan in Style’ Encourages Sales of Local Muslim Fashion SMEs

Indonesia, 3 May 2021 – The annual Ramadan in Style campaign at Tokopedia, which offers a variety of Muslim fashion products made by local sellers, is again greeted with high enthusiasm by Indonesians.

“Prayer dress sets, koko clothes, sarongs and instant hijabs are the most sought after by the public in this second year campaign,” said Head of Category Development (Fashion) Tokopedia, Falah Fakhriyah.

Tokopedia also shares the story of Monel Official and Gonegani as two local Muslim fashion businesses who also collaborated in this campaign.

Irma-Monel Official, Promotes Trendy and Colorful Muslim Clothing

The rise of sales of Muslim clothing and hijab in 2011, inspired Irma Mariam and four of her friends to start Monel. Irma offers a variety of Muslim fashion products, ranging from hijabs, scarves to various other Muslim dresses with colorful shades.

After Monel’s offline store was forced to temporarily close due to the PSBB, Irma adapted to opening its online store at Tokopedia in July 2020. “We actively participated in various campaigns at Tokopedia. One of them is Ramadan in Style, which helped increase our store transactions by more than 7x during the first two weeks of Ramadan compared to the same period in the previous month,” explained Irma.

In addition to driving sales, Tokopedia has also helped Monel earn hundreds of millions in turnover. Through Monel, Irma and four of her friends also helped empower a number of local tailors from Bandung and Garut.

Gani, Jambi-Raised Man Produces Hundreds of Millions of Turnover through Gonegani

A man from Jambi, Khairul Gani, was looking for a way to live independently while studying in Malang. He saw a business opportunity in the fashion industry that he liked. “I entered this industry by selling ready-to-wear clothes. With a starting capital of only Rp1 million for production, I then made my own design clothes with the name Gonegani in 2016,” he said.

It turns out that Gani’s business has accelerated. He consistently collaborates with a number of influencers and uses Tokopedia to reach a wider market. “The name Gonegani even reaches Aceh and Papua. My turnover has also increased to hundreds of millions per month,” explained Gani.

Gani also shared tips for success in running a business, especially during the pandemic. “Always prioritize quality and don’t forget to create products that are relevant to consumer needs. Appreciate every process because the results will never betray the effort,” he said.

Muslim Fashion Category at Tokopedia Continues to Be Sought After during Ramadan

Sets of family Muslim clothing and koko clothes are some of the products in Tokopedia’s Muslim Fashion category with the highest increase in transactions during the first week of Ramadan 2021.

“Transactions for koko clothes, for example, increased almost 5 times, while transactions for family Muslim clothing sets increased more than 5.5 times,” concluded Falah.


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