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Tokopedia Reveals 3 Must-Try Local Halal Beauty Products

15 April 2021
Tokopedia Reveals 3 Must-Try Local Halal Beauty Products

Jakarta, April 15, 2021 – Local skincare is increasingly dominating the beauty industry in Indonesia. “Transactions in the Beauty category on Tokopedia increased almost 2x during Q1 2021 compared to the same period in 2020,” said AVP of Category Development for FMCG & Long Tail Categories Tokopedia, Jessica Stephanie Jap.

The best selling products on Tokopedia include facial cleansers, serums, masks and face creams. Tokopedia also recommends 3 must-try local halal beauty products made from natural ingredients.

Brassica Niacinamide Body Lotion-The Bath Box, Brighten Your Skin in Less than a Month

Brassica with Niacinamide Body Lotion, made by local business activist The Bath Box, contains niacinamide and rapeseed extract, which can brighten, moisturize and reduce acne.

“With regular use, this product can brighten all skin types, including sensitive and acne prone skins, in 28 days,” said Angelinda Fransisca, Owner of The Bath Box.

The pandemic prompted Angelinda to intensify digital marketing, “Since joining Tokopedia, sales have increased by 60% during the pandemic and have reached people in Papua.”

Bakuchiol and Niacinamide-True To Skin, Anti-Aging Safe for All Skin Types

Bakuchiol Serum’s True To Skin is easier to absorb into the skin since it is water-based. This serum encourages collagen production. Niacinamide Serum on the other hand strengthens the skin barrier and minimizes acne.

Owner of True To Skin, Riska Elastria, said that each product was developed and clinically tested for two years. “We use natural ingredients, without parabens and dyes, so it is safe for use by all, including pregnant and lactating women.”

Riska also maximizes sales on digital channels. “We actively participate in various Tokopedia campaigns, such as Beauty Flash Friday, which has helped increase turnover twofold,” she explained.

Strengthen Lashes and Brows with Lash and Brow Serum-Upmost Beaute

Lash and Brow Serum, made by local business activist Upmost Beaute, is equipped with a dual applicator that can easily reach up to the lashes and eyebrows.

“This product contains a formula rich in vitamins, such as althea rosea flower extract and keratin, which can strengthen and nourish eyelashes and eyebrows,” said Owner Upmost Beaute, Faleri Susanto.

During Q4 2020, Upmost Beaute store transactions on Tokopedia increased more than 2x compared to Q3 2020. “In fact, our products can reach more people even to Papua,” she said.

Indonesians can get various other halal beauty products at Ramadan Beauty Week until 18 April 2021. There are also a number of added values, including the Daily Exclusive Launch, Ngabuburit Flash Sale of up to 99%, cashback and many more.


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