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Tokopedia Shares 5 Tips to Manage Mental Health During Pandemic

31 March 2022
Tokopedia Shares 5 Tips to Manage Mental Health  During Pandemic

Jakarta, 8 Februari 2022 – Psychosomatic disorders are one of the many mental health issues that people are increasingly experiencing during the pandemic, revealed Psychologist Indah Sundari, M.Psi. “Psychosomatic disorders mean that a person can feel physically ill without showing any physical symptoms. This may be indicative of stress, panic, or anxiety. Burnout is also a problem exacerbated by the pandemic," she explained.

The pandemic has encouraged people to fill their free time at home with various activities, such as sports and hobbies. “This trend has resulted in the Sports & Hobbies category becoming one of the most popular categories on Tokopedia throughout 2021,” said Ekhel Chandra Wijaya, External Communications Senior Lead Tokopedia.

Together with Indah, Tokopedia shared additional tips to help people easily manage their mental health at home.

  1. Take Up Painting and Arts & Crafts - "Activities like ‘Paint by Numbers’ or making arts & crafts, for example, can help restore positive energy, which in turn will help improve productivity," Indah said.
    On Tokopedia, the sales of Paint by Numbers products and other painting kits as well as handicraft equipment has nearly doubled in 2021 compared to 2020.
  2. Meditation through Journaling or Reading - Keeping a journal every day can help a person break down negative emotions and make them easier to understand. "In addition to writing, try reading lots of books, especially self-development books," suggested Indah.
    "The sales of self-development in Tokopedia have almost doubled during 2021 compared to 2020," explained Ekhel.
  3. Stay Connected and Share Stories with Loved Ones - “By staying connected to those closest to us, we can feel more peaceful and less lonely. The support of friends or family can help us find solutions to the problems we face,” continued Indah.
  4. Know Your Limits - There are several early warning signs that indicate that a person should start paying attention to their mental health. "For example, poor sleep quality, loss of appetite, and reduced productivity due to lack of concentration," she explained.
    "This means that we need to take some time off from our daily lives, including from work, in order to do fun activities and refresh our minds," said Indah.
  5. Physical and Mental Exercise - Create a fun workout routine, such as by doing yoga or jogging. "Or you can try some recreational sports, like roller skating," Indah suggested.

Ekhel added, “Because of the pandemic, many people have begun exercising to keep their body in shape. In fact, sales of sporting gears, from roller skates to running equipment, more than doubled over the course of 2021.”


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