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Tokopedia Shares Muslim Fashion Styling for Hot Weather

31 August 2023


Tokopedia Shares Muslim Fashion Styling for  Hot Weather

Looking for modest summer clothes? Take note of Muslim fashion styling tips for hot weather and explore 'Muslim Fash Forward' on Tokopedia to find Muslim fashion products with attractive promos!

Jakarta, 18 August 2023 - Scorching weather hits several regions in Indonesia during the dry season. According to the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), this cycle occurs every year caused by the sun’s arc path. This weather also affects clothing styles, especially now that people do more activities outside the home post-pandemic.

"Entering the post-pandemic period (data for the first semester of 2023 compared to the second semester of 2022), Tokopedia sees Fashion as one of the best-selling product categories. The Fashion product category includes various derivatives, such as Muslim Fashion, Women's Fashion, Men's Fashion, and Children's Fashion," said Aldhy Darmayo, Head of Category Development Tokopedia.

On the other hand, according to data from the World Population Review (2021), Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population in the world. "Tokopedia continues to strive to be an inclusive platform that can accommodate everyone’s needs, including Muslim fashion products, especially to deal with hot weather like today," Aldhy added. Tokopedia, through Aldhy, also shared styling tips for Muslim fashion products to deal with hot weather.

Transactions of cotton and linen Muslim fashion products on Tokopedia increased 2.5 times; see 5 Muslim fashion styling tips for the hot season

Tokopedia has more than 1.8 billion products, including Muslim fashion. These billions of products are marketed at transparent prices by more than 14 million sellers on Tokopedia (almost 100% of them are MSME entrepreneurs) to the public in 99% of sub-districts throughout Indonesia.

"To deal with the hot weather in Indonesia, Tokopedia shares five tips on choosing Muslim fashion products for various activities and provides recommendations for local Muslim fashion brands for people to choose from," said Aldhy.

1. Choose comfortable materials, prioritizing natural fibers

It is advised to choose the most comfortable clothing materials, especially when facing hot weather. Prioritize clothing made from natural fibers, such as linen or cotton. This material enables the skin to 'breathe' because air circulation easily enters through the pores of the fabric.

"Public interest in shopping for Muslim fashion products is very high. Our internal data shows that in the first semester of 2023 compared to the first semester of 2022, Muslim clothing products made from cotton and linen experienced a nearly 2.5-fold increase in transactions through Tokopedia," said Aldhy.

Ria Miranda is an example of a local business on Tokopedia that provides various Muslim fashion products made from cotton and linen. "Ria Miranda prioritizes comfort in our products. We also use materials made from natural fibers so people can do their activities comfortably even when the weather is hot," said Yaya Wulandari, Ria Miranda's Chief Commercial Office.

2. Use pastel colors to deflect heat

“White and pastel colors are ideal for hot weather because they deflect sunlight. In addition, pastel colors can also make an appearance look fresher,” Aldhy explained.

Various Muslim fashion products with pastel colors from local businesses are available on Tokopedia, like Kami. "Besides being suitable for use during hot weather because of the cooler material, pastel colors combined with modern cutting give a fashionable and contemporary impression. We provide a wide selection of clothes in pastel colors that are comfortable and suitable for various activities," explained Istafiana Candarini, Kami Founder.

3. Use loose clothing to facilitate air circulation

Loose-fit clothes are perfect for hot weather. "By wearing loose clothing, air circulation can take place properly and create a feeling of coolness and comfort compared to wearing tight clothes like jeans," said Aldhy.

A wide selection of Muslim fashion with loose-fit designs, such as tops, bottoms, and koko clothes from local businesses on Tokopedia, Shafira. “Shafira always prioritizes user comfort. Every Muslim fashion product for women and men has a simple, stylish design and high-quality materials to provide comfort when used for activities," explained Willy Harnawan, Digital Sales Lead.

4. Choose a hijab made from light and porous materials

The material in a hijab is very important to consider, especially when doing activities outside. “Consider choosing a hijab material with a light texture so it is more manageable and porous. Also, have a spare hijab when doing outdoor activities to replace the hijab due to sweat when the weather is hot," said Aldhy.

Various choices of hijab with comfortable materials can be obtained from local entrepreneurs such as Deenay. "Deenay provides hijab products with the best materials in their class. We also offer a wide selection of attractive colors with various designs that give a unique impression so women can be confident. The 'Rose-Pixel Bloom' collection is the result of Deenay's collaboration with Syagini Ratna Wulan and is available exclusively on Tokopedia," explained Trini Midiati, Deenay Founder.

5. Wear dresses in which you can move easily

Dresses can be the right choice, especially during hot weather, as it enables one to move more freely. "People can also combine dresses with cardigans or outerwear with materials that are not too thick so you stay comfortable," suggested Aldhy.

Lozy is a local business offering various Muslim fashion products, such as dresses and outerwear. "At Lozy, people can find a wide selection of Muslim fashion products with modern and contemporary designs and styles, ranging from outerwear, blouses, and dresses, which are very suitable to wear, especially during hot weather," said Andesni Hirda Putri, Lozy Owner.

"To make it easier for Indonesians to purchase Muslim fashion products, Tokopedia is collaborating with several Muslim fashion entrepreneurs through Muslim Fash Forward campaign from 21 August to 10 September 2023. This campaign contains a range of Muslim fashion products for women, men, and children, with various attractive promos, such as flash sales starting from Rp1,000 and clearance sales of up to 99%, as well as various exclusive promos from curated fashion brands," said Aldhy.

"Muslim Fash Forward is also aligned with one of GoTo's Three Zeros ESG commitments, Zero Barriers, where we want to help businesses in Indonesia create opportunities without barriers through the GoTo ecosystem, including Tokopedia," concluded Aldhy.


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