Western Digital WD Blue (WD5000AAKX) - 500 GB, SATA3, 7200 RPM
    • Western Digital WD Blue (WD5000AAKX) - 500 GB, SATA3, 7200 RPM

    Western Digital WD Blue (WD5000AAKX) - 500 GB, SATA3, 7200 RPM

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    • Rp 308.000 - Rp 1.125.000
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    Western Digital WD Blue (WD5000AAKX) - 500 GB, SATA3, 7200 RPM
    - The Original
    WD Blue drives are designed and manufactured with the proven technology found in WD's original award-winning desktop and mobile hard drives.
    - WD Quality
    Built to the highest standards of quality and reliability, these drives offer the features and capacity ideal for your everyday computing needs.
    - More Options
    These drives are available in a broad range of capacities, cache sizes, form factors and interfaces so you can be sure there's a drive that's the perfect fit for your system, in more ways than one.
    - Tested for compatibility
    We perform tests on hundreds of systems and a multitude of platforms in our FIT Lab to give our customers confidence that our drives will work in their systems.
    - Upgrading your drive is easy
    WD Acronis TrueImage, available as a free download on the WD Support site, enables you to copy all your data to a new drive so you don't have to reinstall your operating system to get all the benefits of a new drive.

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    • Western Digital
    • WD Blue
    • WD5000AAKX
    • HDD Internal 3.5"
    • 500 GB
    • 7200 RPM
    • SATA 6.0 GB/s
    • 16 MB
    • 147 mm
    • 101.6 mm
    • 26.1 mm
    • 0.69 kg
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      21 Desember 2017, 14:04 WIB WIB
      mantap barang nya bagus, langsung colok ke laptop buat install windows kenceng, semoga aweeet
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      Barang sesuai gambar, pengiriman cepat, kemasan rapih
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      24 November 2017, 11:47 WIB WIB
      makasihh yha bosss ^^
      harga aman produk aman
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      17 November 2017, 13:29 WIB WIB
      barang bagus n langsung dicoba tidak ada masalah.. thanks gan
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      15 November 2017, 08:19 WIB WIB
      Best seller. barang ok ditest. fast respon. tq.
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