Prolimatech Black Megahalems
    • Prolimatech Black Megahalems
    • Prolimatech Black Megahalems

    Prolimatech Black Megahalems

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    By popular demand, the ever popular Megahalems now comes in BLACK! It has stylish black grainy matte finish for the best looking performance. If looks could kill, this heatsink would reap havoc on any competitor in its path!! Housing this Intimidator is a specially designed package that has every look of a "Collector's Edition"! Inside the package you get not only one but two sets of fan clips for setting up an awesome arsenal of duo fans. You also get support for installation on any of the Intel's and AMD's recent platforms. Those include Socket 775, 1366,1155/1156, and of course, the newest 2011, and AM2/2+/3/3+. No longer will you have to choose which backplate to use because a specially designed universal backplate has been created for better convenience and better cooling results. What Megahalems has set in performance standards, now Black Megahalems will raise the bar one level higher! Everything else aside, if looks are everything to you, this is the one heatsink to get!!

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    • Prolimatech
    • Air Cooler
    Intel Socket
    • LGA 1366
    • LGA 1156
    • LGA 1155
    • LGA 775
    • LGA 2011
    AMD Socket
    • AM3
    • AM2+
    • AM2
    • AM3+
    • FM2
    CPU Cooler
    Air Flow
    • 57 CFM
    Noise Level
    • Below 26 dBA
    • 130 mm x 74 mm x 158.7 mm (Heatsink)
    • 790 g (Heatsink)
    • Ricky
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      10 Januari 2017, 07:48 WIB WIB
      recomended seller, pelayanan puas, barang mantabz
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    • Yudianto Ruslim
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      4 November 2015, 15:07 WIB WIB
      Kamsia ko, barang mantap. Pengiriman cepat.
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