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    Thermalright Silver Arrow
    1. 4 x 8mm large sintered heat-pipes efficiently remove excessive heat away from the CPU, allowing for great Overclocking potential.
    2. Nickel Plated Base and Heatpipes, increase the longevity of the heatsink by slowing oxidation and deterioration rates maintained performance over time.
    3. Double fin stack design, provides each tower with an impressive 147 x 103mm of surface area for heat dissipation.
    4. Special Arrow fin design, which allows cool air to pass through while rapidly moving heat away and maintaining a quiet operating volume.
    5. Soldered Copper Base, ensure the highest of Thermal conduction.
    6. Support for Multiple-Platforms : Intel Socket 1366/1156/775 & AM2/AM3
    7. Includes Two TY Series Ultra Low noise 160*140*25mm PWN controlled fan

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    • Thermalright
    • Air Cooler
    Intel Socket
    • LGA 1366
    • LGA 1156
    • LGA 775
    AMD Socket
    • AM3
    • AM2
    CPU Cooler
    • C1100 Pure Copper with Nickel Plating
    Fan Speed
    • 500 - 1300 RPM
    Air Flow
    • 28 - 73.6 CFM
    Noise Level
    • 17 - 21 dBA
    • 147 mm x 123 mm x 160 mm (Heatsink)
    • 160 mm x 25 mm x 140 mm (Fan)
    • 825 g (Excluding Retention Hardware and Fan)
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