• ASUS VX238H

    ASUS VX238H

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    • Rp 2.040.000 - Rp 3.975.000
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    ASUS VX238H memiliki desain yang stylish dengan layar sebesar 23 inci beresolusi 1920 x 1080. Dengan rasio kontras tinggi sebesar 80.000.000: 1, monitor ini menawarkan gambar dengan kualitas dan spektrum warna yang kaya.

    Pembaruan Terakhir: 24 Agustus 2017, 05:20 WIB
    Harga Pasar: Rp 2.550.000 - Rp 2.650.000
    Tokopedia, 01-Jul-2018

    Spesifikasi di halaman ini mungkin mengacu pada spesifikasi international, sehingga mungkin ada perbedaan dengan versi yang tersedia secara lokal. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, kunjungi halaman deskripsi produk dari masing-masing penjual, atau tanyakan ke penjual menggunakan fitur diskusi produk.

    • Asus
    Display Type
    • LED
    Panel Type
    • TN
    Screen Size
    • 23 inch
    Max Resolution
    • 1920 x 1080
    Aspect Ratio
    • 16:9
    Brightness (cd/m2)
    • 250
    Contrast Ratio
    • 80000000:1
    Response Time
    • 1ms (Gray to Gray)
    Power Consumption
    • 22W
    • 0 .5W
    • 0 .5W
    • D-Sub
    • HDMI
    Set with Stand
    • 548.2 x 402.7 x 210.0 mm
    • 4.1 kg
    • albertus tjhung
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      27 April 2018, 13:29 WIB WIB
      Super cepat super aman super baik
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    • Ardy Patar
      Positif: 58
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      4 Maret 2018, 11:51 WIB WIB
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    • Johanes Nindyo
      Positif: 29
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      14 Desember 2017, 21:46 WIB WIB
      produk baru. packing naisu. sehari sampe. recsel.
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    • Numan Naufal
      Positif: 10
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      1 Oktober 2017, 10:45 WIB WIB
      I was searching monitor for gaming & working and this monitor attract my attention. While searching, I saw the official store icon and make me trust this seller, official actually.

      I decided to buy, in the beginning I want to pay with credit card (my intent is to pay off all when I receive the bill) but I saw additional service charge for credit card for amount IDR 30k~something. So I changed my mind and used bank transfer instead.

      I pay when holiday (national holiday), unfortunately the store is closed, and will sent the next day. It is ok because I am not in hurry. Next day the asus store is forgot to process my payment, resulting in expired and tokopedia return my money in form amount in wallet. Not long after that, asus realize this, and ask for forgiveness and want me to process again. It is ok.

      The item is sent by gojek (same day delivery), IDR 15k ( but I got free, by voucher ). In the night I finally received this.

      The packaging is neat, wrapper by black plastic. I opened it, the product is sealed, it is origin. Then I started assembled (just a little) for the monitor holder. The product is delivered with many power options and cable, but what missing is there isn't HDMI - HDMI cable. So your device need that you should buy separately in near store maybe, there are many.

      For usage, this monitor can't be adjusted for height, so you should put something below for your convenience. Rarely the monitor transfer little electricity shock to my laptop, I don't know why or what is the problem, and common or not, but sometimes i got that too with other monitor in office.

      In terms of quality, so far so good. The display is good, the screen options is easy to configure, and this monitor have built in speaker. So while you are playing games, or listening music, you don't need another separate speaker. So far so good, it meets my expectation.
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