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Foto Produk Oxford Story Tree 52 books Levels 4-7 dari children book
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Oxford Story Tree 52 books Levels 4-7

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brief introduction
Oxford Story Tree The sister edition of Oxford Reading Tree Oxford Story Tree is an English reading series tailored for Asian children. "Oxford Story Tree" (OST) is based on the world-renowned "Oxford Reading Tree" (Oxford Reading Tree) series by Oxford University Press. It retains all the essential features of the original series. Adapted according to the characteristics and language difficulty of Asian children's English learning, and integrates multiple* English teaching and research achievements in accordance with the development of the times, so that students can cultivate 21st century skills such as dialectical thinking while learning English listening, speaking, reading and writing, suitable for 5- Reading for 14-year-old children. Relying on the Oxford Reading Tree, Oxford University Press, based on the Oxford Reading Tree, based on the characteristics of Asian children's English learning and language difficulty, re-edited its Asian sister version of Oxford Story Tree, and is equipped with localized teaching resources and electronic teaching facilities. , So that students can learn in a happy and pleasant reading environment, so that teachers can teach reading more efficiently and purposefully.
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Oxford Story Tree 52 books Levels 4-7

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