Cipta Trading

Cipta Trading

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All products are NEW and ORIGINAL. No FAKE and REFURBISH.
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Products Ranges & Brands

Products & Brands to Expect from Cipta Trading

We are specialised in Office, Technology and Workshop needs.

Apart of that we are looking to expand our horizon in F&B department and Cosmetic.

Most of our products are common no nonsense functional products with some Niches products specifically for professionals or individual with specific field of work. With That in mind unfortunately, although different products colours are sometimes available, We Will send random colour depending on availability. Please note that some product pictures may not be totally accurate due to some situation and serve as representation only, and please check for prices , availability and other necessary detail before purchasing.  

The brand we carry are considered the Basic to Mid and Up or niches. We try to avoid products, especially brands, at the Bottom range due to quality issues. If i (in perspective as owner of cipta trading) think the quality or QC is terrible and i personally dont think i will ever use it, we will most probably not sell it. The only exception is due to limited options and there is no other choice because of its functionality. That is, however, based on my personal view and may vary with other individual.

we hope that will explained the reasoning for some brands or common products within certain price ranges (quality) do not exist in our products list, even if the products are considered fast moving or hot selling or very popular brand short, we are very selective in our products ranges and categories.

For Samsung Toner there is a minimal of Rp 1,500,000 purchase of the same product range.

Please note that for some of the battery products range, we have to comply with airline regulation therefore we can only send the product within JAKARTA and WEST JAVA region or alternately deliver by Logistic that support Trucking option.

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