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Buddhas Kitchen Tonys Villas and Resort

OUR Buddhas Kitchen Restaurant leads you to Asian culinary adventure so as to get a unique experience for your tasting pleasure To support we also serve exceptional American Continental and Indonesian delicacies Made from high quality fresh and locally sourced ingredients our chef is more than happy to create innovative and delicious dishes So prepare to pamper yourself with a true feast for the senses at our restaurant Tantalize your taste buds and enrich your dining experience merged with signature service alluring atmosphere and rich decor

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Daftar Harga Voucher Buddhas Kitchen Tonys Villas and Resort

Nama Menu


Paket Makan khas Asian untuk 1 Orang

Rp. 76.500

Paket Makan khas Singapore untuk 1 Orang

Rp. 108.000

Paket Makan Menu Premium untuk 1 Orang

Rp. 225.000

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