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Foto Produk ORT 3 Turn New Helical Antenna 5.8GHz - SMA dari DooFPV
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ORT 3 Turn New Helical Antenna 5.8GHz - SMA

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  • Kondisi: Baru
  • Berat: 100 Gram
  • Waktu Preorder: 2 Minggu
  • Kategori: Part RC
  • Etalase: Antenna dan Konektor
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Stock ready warna clear base plate Merah, Hitam, Ungu, Biru (tergantung persediaan)

ORT 3 Turn Helical Antenna 5.8
Freq Channel : 5600 ~ 6000 GHz
Gain (dBi) : 7 dBic
SWR/S11 : < 1:1.3
Beam width : 180 degrees
Polarization : Circularly Polarized - RHCP
Gain Pattern : Directional (need to be pointed on general flying area)
Connector : SMA / RPSMA

1. Hand Tuned, providing wide beam width with 180 degree coverage los and greater penetration thru trees and dense material
2. High quality Enameled Supreme Wire(anti rust)
3. Original Low loss RG402 cable
4. High quality acrylic, providing premium look
5. your everlasting high quality & trusty Vrx/Goggles antenna

MADE IN INDONESIA, special tuned. Helical Antenna has 2 modes, which called Normal Mode (linearly polarized) & Axial Mode (circularly polarized). The Axial Mode is the one we are using normally for FPV since it has benefit of circularly polarized radiation. Based on its own design, Helical has 180ohm impedance which is not matched with our FPV system with 50ohm impedance. Hence so called helical antenna tuning is the most important part to ensure the antenna matched with our FPV system and providing you most efficient antenna. We had tested 3 turn helical with our Cocktail omni antenna to get stable signal as further as 8-11km with wide signal coverage, perfect antenna for balance of wide signal coverage & range. This antenna has best axial ratio compare to el cheapo circular patch antenna with printed pcb out there. If you handle hard RF environment such as surrounding with building & tress or need better penetration thru obstacles or even just to matched with your diversity receiver and also light enough to mounted in your goggles this is your perfect matched.
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ORT 3 Turn New Helical Antenna 5.8GHz - SMA

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