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Foto Produk ORT Biquad 5.8GHz RX Antenna dari DooFPV
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ORT Biquad 5.8GHz RX Antenna

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  • Kondisi: Baru
  • Berat: 50 Gram
  • Waktu Preorder: 14 Hari
  • Kategori: Part RC
  • Etalase: Antenna dan Konektor
HARGA untuk antenna RX Biquad saja, tidak termasuk antenna Arrow untuk VTX

PRE ORDER : 1 - 2 minggu


Biquad High Gain RX 5.8GHz specs:

Freq Channel : 5600 ~ 6000 GHz
Gain (dBi) : 11 dBic(coupled with our arrow antenna) or 8dBic (with circular antenna such as cloverleaf)
SWR/S11 : < 1:1.3
Beam width : 100deg (at around 5-7km) or 65deg (at around 9-10km)
Polarization : Linear Polarization (also can be use either with LHCP or RHCP antenna such as Cloverleaf)
Gain Pattern : Directional (need to be pointed on general flying area)
Connector : SMA / RPSMA

*To ensure antenna working well, please make sure antenna installed with ORT logo/stikers UPRIGHT as shown in the picture*

MADE IN INDONESIA, special tuned for each Antenna. Biquad 5.8GHz is a high gain linearly polorized receiver antenna with high efficiency & compact design to give you even further range on 5.8GHz video transmission system match this with our 5.8GHz Arrow fine tuned antenna and you are ready for 10km++ on 5.8GHZ Video Transmission system. What you only need to care now is your battery capability and your guts. Biquad 5.8ghz rx antenna also great to pair with Clearview receiver to gain greater signal coverage and penetration.

5.8GHz Arrow antenna is our greatest omni linearly polorized transmitter antenna to matched with our Biquad High gain Receiver antenna. It has correct building technique to ensure you get all of your transmitter power, for the most incredible ranges on 5.8GHz video transmission system. Please ensure you follow our manual when install this transmitter antenna on your aircraft to make sure you get all the benefit provided.
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ORT Biquad 5.8GHz RX Antenna

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