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Foto Produk KASE ND8 Clip-In Filter f/ Fujifilm X dari Focus Nusantara
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KASE ND8 Clip-In Filter f/ Fujifilm X

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  • Kondisi: Baru
  • Berat: 200 Gram
  • Kategori: Filter Lensa Kamera
  • Etalase: KASE FILTER
KASE Clip In ND8 for Fujifilm X

The Kase Fujifilm X Clip-in filters are an innovative and clever idea to allow you to use filters on any Fujifilm X Camera & Lens combination*, no matter how wide. These lightweight and compact filters are made from B270 Optical glass and have our normal high quality nano coatings, so you know you can be assured of your image quality.

Neutral Density filters are your perfect companion when you want to reduce the amount of light captured in your photography. This can be used to great effect to increase your exposure times for your images, allowing for smooth water or light trails for example. Long exposure photography can also reduce busy streets to empty ones or be used to capture movement in creative ways. ND filters are available in different strengths for different effects.

Installation is simple, and once installed the filters will give you extra protection of your camera sensor when you swap or change lenses out in the field.

Outstanding Clarity B270 Optical Glass
Lightweight and Compact
Easy to use Simple Installation
Added Protection Helps Protect your sensor
3 in 1 Set : ND8 + ND64 + ND1000
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KASE ND8 Clip-In Filter f/ Fujifilm X

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