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Foto Produk SIRUI ST-124 Carbon Fiber 4 Sections + VA-5 Ultra-Compact Video Head dari Focus Nusantara
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SIRUI ST-124 Carbon Fiber 4 Sections + VA-5 Ultra-Compact Video Head

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  • Kondisi: Baru
  • Berat: 2.500 Gram
  • Kategori: Tripod Kamera
  • Etalase: Sirui Tripods
SIRUI ST-124 Carbon Fiber 4 Sections + VA-5

Traditional tripods are generally designed for SLR cameras, but mirrorless cameras have gradually become the mainstream. In view of this, the SIRUI T series tripod designed for the mirrorless camera came into being. It is made of carbon fiber and weighs only 12kg with a special-shaped bottom bracket, which is light and portable, strong and stable, and also enhances the stability during use. The leg tube is made of 8-layer carbon fiber material with light weight and high strength. At the same time, it adopts a waterproof leg lock design to meet the shooting needs of multiple scenes.

Lightweight, portable, strong and stable, the new carbon fiber special-shaped bottom bracket is lighter and more compact. The SIRUI waterproof leg lock design can effectively prevent moisture from entering the leg without fear of wind and rain, and you can take pictures with peace of mind in harsh environments. The center axis can be retracted and inverted to achieve higher or lower shooting angles. Equipped with 1/4 and 3/8 accessory screw holes to expand a wealth of accessories.

The center shaft locking knob has a universal adjustment function, and the direction can be adjusted by pulling it outward. ST-10 low center of gravity spherical head. Made of hard aluminum alloy, it is scratch and abrasion resistant, and as a low center of gravity spherical head, the 36mm diameter sphere makes the head have stronger bearing capacity.

It is equipped with a panoramic platform and a panoramic base, which is convenient for 360 panoramic connection, and the open-ended design supports panoramic rotation under vertical shooting.
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SIRUI ST-124 Carbon Fiber 4 Sections + VA-5 Ultra-Compact Video Head

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