Airy Pakualaman Bausasran 2 Yogyakarta

Airy Pakualaman Bausasran 2 Yogyakarta

Guest house
2 Jalan Bausasran, Pakualaman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 55166


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Fri, 29 Oct 2021 - Sat, 30 Oct 2021, 1 Kamar, 1 Tamu
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Staff friendky,very helpful
No heater,aircond leaking,aircond no function
Malaysia • 5 Mar 20
Stay far away
The staff was OK. Even though they couldn't speak English, they were smiling and I don't blame them for the mess this hotel is. I need to be honest it's a shock but this hotel has warm water so I cannot be only negative.
I have travelled a lot and slept at hostels and cheap budget hotels were I paid 6-12 euro's a night, but this was by far the worst experience ever. It was so bad that I checked out 3 days up front and took another hotel in yogjakarta. Where to start, from the moment I checked in there was no electricity, this has something to do with yogjakarta where outages are very normal, but I would expect a hotel to have a back up generator. The room it self is OK on first sight, but that's the classical looks deceive. To understand my review and complain, like every normal human being I don't mind luxury, but in the same time I can be a very simple man and can sleep in a room that's super small, on a hard bed and a room without a window, you need to temper your expectations when you pay less, but the two basic needs, even if you pay less need to be available: 1. Hygiene ( clean bed and bathroom) 2. Air-conditioning This place offers neither of this, they have airco's but it doesn't work at all, I tried 3 rooms and in all the rooms the airco's just blow air, even a fan has more use then the aircos in this hotel. You'll be sweating more in your room then outside, I woke up several times during the night because of me almost drowning in my sweat. The second thing that really bugged me, was how dirty everything was, from the bed full of stains, the bathroom looking like a Saw scene, the room full with small ants, they end up in your suitcase, in your bed and everywhere in your room, add a dozens of mosquitos and you're better off sleeping outside then this hotel. I will not even mention the amenities that are missing (there are literally none) but again I could forgive this for the price you pay, I don't need a toothbrush or soap because I always have this with me.
Belanda • 22 Feb 20
Fasilitas oke, keramahan stafnya baik dan sopan. Kamar bersih dan sprei kasur bantalnya wangi
Kamar mandinya bau. . . Ac nya ndak seberapa dingin
Indonesia • 20 Jan 20
Prancis • 12 Jan 20


Memiliki lokasi strategis di Pakualaman, Yogyakarta, Airy Pakualaman Bausasran 2 Yogyakarta berjarak kurang dari 1 km dari Keraton Yogyakarta, 1,5 km dari Benteng Vredeburg, dan bisa dicapai dengan berjalan kaki 14 menit dari Taman Pintar. Hotel bintang 1 ini menawarkan Wi-Fi gratis, resepsionis 24 jam, dan layanan kamar. Tempat parkir pribadi dapat diatur dengan biaya tambahan. Tempat-tempat menarik yang populer di dekat hotel termasuk Museum Sonobudoyo, Mal Malioboro, dan Istana Kepresidenan Yogyakarta. Bandara terdekat adalah Bandara Adisucipto, 9 km dari Airy Pakualaman Bausasran 2 Yogyakarta.



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Airy Pakualaman Bausasran 2 Yogyakarta - 2 Jalan Bausasran, Pakualaman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 55166
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