Mahagiri Resort & Restaurant

Mahagiri Resort & Restaurant

Jl. Surya Indah, Desa Rendang, Menanga, Karangasem, Indonesia, 80571


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Thu, 21 Oct 2021 - Fri, 22 Oct 2021, 1 Kamar, 1 Tamu
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Denmark • 30 Jun 21
Swiss • 13 Des 19
Best location value for money
Great Location Nice view Friendly staff
Cleanliness can be improved...... Daybed were not set up and lack of maintenance. Pool cleanliness can be improved
Indonesia • 1 Des 19
Stunning best resort I've stays at in Bali!
This place is with out exaggeraiton, the single most value for money resort I have ever stayed at in my entire life. Even if you discount the UNESCO certified awe inspiring views, the price for what you get is simply unbeatable. The food is lovingly prepared and tastes amazing, the grounds are beautiful and well taken care of and the staf are some of the the most increadible people I've ever met, bending over backward to accomodate for your every need. If you do nothing else to treat yourself on your Bali trip, make sure you stay here.
It is a bit boring, other than the pool and the incredible view, I reccomend you take a book. Also while the food is kinda tasty and prepared and served by wonderful staff, it could be better.
Amerika Serikat • 26 Nov 19
It was a terrible hotel from my viewpoint and I told the manager that I would tell how bad it is.
I have to say I was totally disappointed with this hotel. I paid online through and then when I went to check in the hotel said they only accept cash and wouldn't accept online payments! Seemed like a possible scam to me. They said they have run into this same problem many times with I thought, "Then why didn't you fix the problem?" No, instead they insisted I get a refund from online payment from my credit card and pay them cash!!! Took an hour for them to communicate with and finally accept the payment. Nice greeting and wasting my time. The room was advertised as having Air Conditioning... none of their rooms have A/C!!! Also, the room was dirty (not cleaned) with gritty granules all over the floor and the tables in the room. I have to lay the blame at the feet of the manager for not doing an adequate job of clearing up the booking payment problem, not checking on his staff cleaning, and also for the false advertising of A/C when none of the rooms have it. I purposely book rooms that have A/C so I don't have to swelter. And then to top it off, the manager on the phone gave me a half-hearted apology and didn't even offer to take anything off the price of the room. I manage a facility myself and would have comped the person after they experienced what I did. Totally inadequate customer service, false advertising,... yes, I'd say "Hotel from Hell" is my opinion of the place. Great view of the volcano from their terrace. Perhaps one day... well, I wouldn't wish that on anyone, but almost...
I didn't like their false advertising, saying there was A/C when none of their rooms have it. I didn't like their terrible customer service. The staff felt embarrassed that they had to follow what their manager said and demand cash when I had already paid 20 day previously with my credit card. I even showed them the receipt of payment in full and they were still demanding cash and insisting that I contact my credit card company for a refund. Unbelievable when you consider that they admitted this was an ongoing problem with many of their guests and they didn't solve it. I would never recommend that anyone stay with them. The room also was not even clean. And the manager did not offer to reduce the price or give the room free as a result of the inconvenience that I was put through. Wouldn't go back there if they paid me to do so.
Amerika Serikat • 19 Nov 19
Stunning view - just amazing. Watching the sunrise over the volcano and rice paddies was beautiful. Bedroom was okay - very dated. Pool area was okay too. WiFi was good - they give you s dongle to carry around with you which was great. Friendly staff.
Hotel only offers buffet lunch - 100k per person plus 21%. Was literally just noodles and rice with some fruit, not worth the money. Pool area could do with lights as it was very dark in the evening. The noise of the bugs made it hard to relax outside - not the fault of the hotel just to be aware! Breakfast was okay - very slow service. description shows air con in all rooms, but none had air con. Not a problem as room was cool in the evening. Pool view in the pictures shown are incorrect, you cannot see the paddies or volcano as the view is blocked by trees. You stay at this hotel purely for the view - although for the price the rest of the hotel was a disappointment.
United Kingdom • 9 Nov 19


Mahagiri Resort & Restaurant terletak di Menanga, menawarkan akomodasi dan pemandangan Gunung Agung yang megah. Resor ini memiliki kolam renang outdoor, teras berjemur, dan restoran. Wi-Fi dapat diakses secara gratis di seluruh area akomodasi. Semua kamar menawarkan pemandangan gunung atau taman. Setiap kamar memiliki kamar mandi pribadi dengan bathtub atau shower. Fasilitas lainnya meliputi jubah mandi dan perlengkapan mandi gratis. Anda dapat melakukan berbagai kegiatan di daerah sekitarnya, seperti menunggang kuda, bersepeda, dan mendaki. Staf resor dapat mengatur sepeda sewaan dan fasilitas barbekyu dengan biaya tambahan. Pura Besakih berjarak 8 km dari Mahagiri Resort & Restaurant, sementara Danau Batur terletak sejauh 25 km. Bandara Internasional Ngurah Rai Bali berjarak 46 km dari akomodasi.



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Antar Jemput Bandara Gratis
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Mahagiri Resort & Restaurant - Jl. Surya Indah, Desa Rendang, Menanga, Karangasem, Indonesia, 80571
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