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Foto Produk Huawei CP 07 Powerbank 6700 mAh - Hitam dari Indokom Store
warna: 2 varian

Huawei CP 07 Powerbank 6700 mAh - Hitam

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rating 5 (16 ulasan)
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diskon 64%
Harga sebelum diskon Rp249.000
  • Kondisi: Baru
  • Berat: 500 Gram
  • Kategori: Portable Power Bank
  • Etalase: Huawei
Produk Garansi 6 Bulan Huawei Indonesia

Detail Oriented Design
Matte surface with 3D engraved stripe texture coated by high quality rubber paint for better comfort and grip.

Palm & Pocket Friendly
96 mm in length, 120 g in weight, perfume-bottle sized body for easy portability when going shopping.

Your Daily Power Companion
6700 mAh capacity battery for daily power supply & short-term travelling; Compliance with aviation management standards to follow you into planes.

Simple but Stylish
Slim & ergonomic body with simple & stylish design comes in energetic & attractive colours.

Trickle Charging Mode
Double click the power button to enable trickle charging mode, charge Bluetooth earphones, wristbands and other accessories safely.

Premium Battery Cell
Premium 18650 lithium-ion battery cell, high power output efficiency.

Multi-Layer Safety Protection
9-layer comprehensive safety protection, trustworthy & reliable.

Bidirectional 10 W Charging
Bidirectional 5 V 2 A 10 W charging: Not only charges your smartphone at 5 V 2 A 10 W output, but also recharges your power bank at 5 V 2 A 10 W input.
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Huawei CP 07 Powerbank 6700 mAh - Hitam

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