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Foto Produk Energy Saver Chip dari JossMart
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Energy Saver Chip

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  • Kondisi: Baru
  • Berat: 100 Gram
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Rp.165.000 (1lot=12pcs)

Energy saver chipEnergy protection
Made in Japen
save about 5%-20%% energy usage
3.5 cm x 4.5 cm / piece
Energy saver chip, Energy protection, Scalar energy, Bio energy saver chip
An exclusive mineral based energy permeable medium from natural source which
contain trace elements with high synergistic.
It is convinient to bring along in your pocket, waist-pouches, handbag or stick
on handphones. You may also keep it under your pillow for better sleep, stick it
at car engine to reduce petrol usage or stick it near house electic fuis box to
save about 5%-20%% energy usage
3.5 cm x 4.5 cm / piece

Do You Know Why Your Ear Was Hot After Using Cell Phone For a Long Time?
Research shows that radiation emitted from mobile phone could cause:
-Lost of concentration & memory
- Cancer
- Cardiovascular diseases
- Metabolic disorders
- Fatique
- Psychological & physical stress

This is caused by the radiation which emits a lot of Positive Ions in the air.

By utilizing the latest Japanese technology, we are able to produce Scalar Energy Sticker which is created from various mineral stones that produces negative ions. With the scalar energy being embedded in the sticker, it will protect us from the harmful radiation from electronic appliances.

The Scalar Energy Shield may:

Increase our strength & vitality
Protect us from electromagnetism
Enhance sexual performances
-. Increase the immune system
Improve general health & wellness
Reduce stress
Help in relaxation
Increase memory
Better concentration & focus
Improve sleeping quality

For gadget HP, BB, Gadget, Laptop,Netbook PC etc
Simple !

Note :
1lot (12pc) = Rp.165.000
( cukup untuk 1 lkeluarga,
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Power Merchant


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Energy Saver Chip

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