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Foto Produk Mini Portable Speaker Subwoofer 2021Q dari Junday Agency Jakarta
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Mini Portable Speaker Subwoofer 2021Q

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  • Kondisi: Baru
  • Berat: 350 Gram
  • Kategori: MP3 & MP4 Player
  • Etalase: Elektronik
Cheappest 2021Q Mini Portable Hands-Free Stereo Subwoofer Speakers For Moible Phone MP3 MP4 PC IPOD Free Shipping


weight:285(with box)
box size:106*92*92mm
package:portable mini speaker*1
charge cable*1
BL-5C 3.7V*1

Portable mini speaker fit for IPOD,MP3,MP4 player,PO&Mobile Phone
Operation Manual
1.Connect DC 5V adapor to the DC 5V power input socket of speaker,and to charge or recharge this speaker system
2.With TF,U disk reader(Maximun support 16G),Mp3 format music can be played
3No need to shift among U disk/TF,speaker automatically read the first input meadia device,if first input TF,you need to take out TF card,then speaker can read Mp3 music file from U disk
4.If you insert USB stick/TF card into the unit,press the Mbutton to select the desired device to be used
5./VOL-"Backward/Volume-,long press this button,Volume decreased,Short press this button,music shifted to the upper one./VOL+"forward/Volume+,long press this button,Volume increased,short press this button,music shifted to the next one
6.This button is for pause and play,FM mode:short press to auto search&save preset channels
7.AUX-IN operation:Press the M button to go to LINE MODE Connect 3.5mm stereo audio cable to speaker socket"AUX-IN",you can enjoy the music from mobile phone,mp3,mp4,pc and other audio devices
8.EQ:5 band EQ in TF/USB mode only
9.Charging the battery:When the battery level si low, the speaker performance will become week,please recharge your battery at once for better performance
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Mini Portable Speaker Subwoofer 2021Q

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