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Foto Produk Jm Maxpro V8 Exhaust Vacum Fan / Cooler Notebook Laptop Pendingin dari LeoKomputer
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Jm Maxpro V8 Exhaust Vacum Fan / Cooler Notebook Laptop Pendingin

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  • Kondisi: Baru
  • Berat: 359 Gram
  • Kategori: Diecast Set
  • Etalase: Elektronik
- Compact, stylish, innovative car desn concept, unique appearance.
- Blue rotatable knob to manual adjuat the fan speed (speed range: 500-4500PRM
- Turbo radiator, through turbine wind pressure, extraction of the hot air out
of a running system, which stabilizes the operation of the notebook and prolongs
its lifetime.
- Four ventilation connector, compatible with all notebook outlet.
- Three super strong suction cup and bottom fixed board make it easier to fix on
the laptop.
- USB interface 5V power supply is more convenient and reliable.
- Four built-in LED lhts, giving you an excellent visual effects.
- Lht and handy, easy for storage and carrying.
- Long service life and low noise.
- Especially suitable for game players.
- Strong cold and ultra low noise desn
- Intellent temperature and acceleration functions
- Stylish and compact

Color : Black and Grey

Function instruction:
1. Grille air outlet forms a vertical wind tunnel which can rapidly cool the
laptop. It is more than three times of an ordinary notebook cooling pad
2. Long life, low noise;
3. USB power supply is more convenient and reliable;
4. Cool lhting desn, let you feel the racing car with a powerful engine
while playing racing car games.
5. Manual speed control function, freely adjust the cooling effect of the
product. When the laptop's load is large and temperature is hh, the wind of
this cooling pad can reach to the maximum. The strong air flow generated by
cooling makes you feel strong cooling effect.

Rated voltage: 5V DC
Rated current: 0.40 +- 10% A
Input power: 2.00 +- 10% W
Fan speed: 500~4500 +-10%PRM
Color: Black and white
Service life: Over 30,000 hours
Item size: 12.5 * 8.6 * 4.8cm / 4.92 * 3.38 * 1.88 (L * W * H)
Item weht: 145g / 5.12oz
Package size: 23
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Jm Maxpro V8 Exhaust Vacum Fan / Cooler Notebook Laptop Pendingin

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