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Foto Produk Royal Canin Adult Persian 2 kg dari Max's Pet Shop
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Royal Canin Adult Persian 2 kg

Terjual 816
rating 5 (349 ulasan)
Diskusi (63)
  • Kondisi: Baru
  • Berat: 2.100 Gram
  • Kategori: Makanan Kucing
  • Etalase: Cat Food
Tailor-made Nutrition for Pure Breed Cats. An exclusive kibble for each breed: a concentration of scientific and nutritional expertise born from the unique knowledge of Royal Canin combined with the practical experience of breeders. Founded on observation, science and an active partnership with a network of cat experts including breeders, FELINE BREED NUTRITION™ is adapted to the real needs of individual breeds based on health sensitivities, anatomy and eating behavior.

Exclusive kibble shape adapted for flat, short jaw
Supports healthy long-haired coat
Limits hairball formation
Maintains digestive health
100% Complete and Balanced Nutrition
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
PERSIAN Adult is formulated exclusively for Pure Breed Persian cats over 12 months old.

This specially designed almond-shaped kibble with an optimal contact surface area is easy for the Persian cat to pick up and chew.
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Royal Canin Adult Persian 2 kg

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