Senapan Angin Per_WEIHRAUCH HW-77

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    Senapan Angin Per_WEIHRAUCH HW-77
    • Senapan Angin Per_WEIHRAUCH HW-77
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    > The HW77 is one of the first - and finest - underlever field target rifles ever made. Born in the famous Weihrauch plant in Germany, it has been a popular rifle for decades.
    > Even if you're not a field target enthusiast, you'll enjoy shooting this rifle! It's great for plinking, shooting spinners and paper targets, and accurate enough to do some serious bug busting. Hunting small game and eliminating pests are easily handled by the HW77
    > This exciting fixed barrel rifle with underlever cocking action are undoubtedly the ultimate in High Power Sporting Rifles and provide maximum power and accuracy.
    > The ideal choice for the long distance shooter who values performance combined with minimum recoil together with sleek good looks and superb finish.
    > Fixed barrel system, removable front sight, micrometer rear sight with four different notches, automatic safety, precision adjustable match trigger "Rekord" which is praised by shooters and admired by competitors, handy and elegant hardwood stock with checkering, pistol grip cap and rubber buttplate.

    Spesifikasi :
    - Kaliber : 4.5mm (.177)
    - Tenaga : Per (spring-piston), single shot
    - Mekanisme : Kokang-bawah (Under-lever cocking)
    - Kuat bunyi : 3-Medium
    - Berat : 4.1 kg (9.04 lbs)
    - Kecepatan max. : 951 - 966 fps
    - Panjang total : 112 cm (44.09")
    - Panjang laras : 47 cm (18.5")
    - Pejera depan : Blade & Ramp
    - Visier belakang : Adjustable for windage and elevation
    - Pelatuk : Two-stage adjustable
    - Pengaman : Automatic

    Rp 12.345.678

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