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Foto Produk Jalan - Jalan Board Game dari MonopolisWonder
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Jalan - Jalan Board Game

Wishlist 242
rating 5 (23 ulasan)
Diskusi (2)
  • Kondisi: Baru
  • Berat: 200 Gram
  • Kategori: Mainan Magnet
  • Etalase: Board Games Lokal (Made in Indonesia)
Numbers of player: 3 - 5
Playing time: 30 - 45 Mins
Recommended age: 14+

A group of close friends one day decided it's a mighty great idea to go on a long trip together, venturing across the country and discovering all the wonderful things people have been talking about all these years! Don't we all deserve a memorable vacation once or twice in our lifetime? Of course we do!

Well, pack your bags because the trip we are longing for is happening! In Jalan-Jalan, everyone gathers to create the most perfect list of vacation plans, with all the destinations to visit. Each destination is categorized differently: some water-related, some cultural places, adventurous choices, and so on. Each player has two random interests, one hidden from the other players. Thus, while one player would prefer to go to cultural places, another wants more adventurous options.

Gather points by convincing the group to add your favorite destination to the list! It won't be easy because in Jalan-Jalan everybody has an equal voice to vote where to go, but with action cards you can (possibly) shift the outcome in your favor. Remember that this is your vacation, too, so make sure you enjoy it the most!
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Jalan - Jalan Board Game

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