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Foto Produk Madder Root Powder - 30 Gram dari Nash Supply
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Madder Root Powder - 30 Gram

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  • Kondisi: Baru
  • Berat: 33 Gram
  • Kategori: Bedak Wajah
  • Etalase: Herbs, spices, exfoliant (Powder)
Madder root is harvested from the first-year taproots of a climbing vine related to the coffee plant that's better known as Common Madder or Dyer's Madder.
Madder root has been used for centuries to produce a red dye to color wool, cotton, leather and other textiles. Depending on the type of mordant used to extract and fix the dye, various shades can be obtained, from saffron to turkey red and madder lake.

In soap, madder root powder produces colors ranging from light pink, deep red and mauve. The color it produces depends on the type of soap, the amount used and production variables such heat and application. When using natural herbs in soap, the herbs can be added at trace or infused in the soap making oils for a speckle-free look.

Also suitable for lip balm

Berat isi: 30 Gram
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Madder Root Powder - 30 Gram

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