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Foto Produk TENDA TEF1110P-8-102W/PoE/8-Port10/100Mbps+2 Gigabit Desktop dari Network Online
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TENDA TEF1110P-8-102W/PoE/8-Port10/100Mbps+2 Gigabit Desktop

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  • Kondisi: Baru
  • Berat: 1.500 Gram
  • Kategori: Switch Internet
  • Etalase: 06 TENDA
TEF1110P-8-102W 8-Port10/100Mbps+2 Gigabit Desktop Switch With 8-Port PoE, 6KV Port Lightning Protection ,long distance transmission,Maximum PoE Output Power 99W , PoE power up to 30W for each PoE port.
6KV lighting protection PoE switch
is the real monitoring private switch
In real monitoring project, cameras are often installed in outdoor or a higher position, which also increases the camera and PoE switches the probability of lightning shock .The result is the individual equipment damaged, or lead to the whole local area network (LAN) paralysis.Tenda TEF11 series switches have professional lightning protection design -up 6 kv port and power supply thunder prevents , with two levels of protection design respectively, effectively restrain the power of lightning from cable , which equivalent to give the entire network monitoring system with a security fence,The test standard is much higher than the national CE request,.In thunderstorms weather,it can also provide monitoring network stable, reliable service, protect the images transmission be normal .
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TENDA TEF1110P-8-102W/PoE/8-Port10/100Mbps+2 Gigabit Desktop

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