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Foto Produk M-TECH Numeric Keypad USB Numerik Keyboard dari Power-iT
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M-TECH Numeric Keypad USB Numerik Keyboard

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  • Kondisi: Baru
  • Berat: 150 Gram
  • Kategori: Keypad
  • Etalase: Komp - Mouse Keyboard
The M-TECH Numeric Keypad USB - MTC-KEY-NMUS allows users to type numbers into spreadsheets and other applications quickly and easily. The full-size 19mm keys improve speed and accuracy by making it easier to locate and press the numbers you are looking for. The integrated ergonomic tilt provides added comfort which helps reduce strain after a long work day. M-TECH Numeric Keypad USB - MTC-KEY-NMUS is ideal for office or home use.

- Full sized keys are comfortable and large for increased accuracy; Great for those working on spreadsheets, accounting files or financial applications
- USB port required; True plugandplay device, no drivers required
- Ergonomic tilt provides support to help prevent wrist strain

With 4 Office Hot Keys
Color Black
Exterior Dimensions (fully expanded) 147mm x 85mm x 15mm
Weight 111 gram
Panjang Kabel 140cm
Logo Power-iT
Power Merchant


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M-TECH Numeric Keypad USB Numerik Keyboard

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