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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can i apply for this program?
  • Application date may vary based on University, please check your campus career site, mailing list or other information portals regularly.

  • When do applications close?
  • Application date may vary based on University, please check your campus career site, mailing list or other information portals regularly

  • How do i apply for this program?
  • Please go to this page and choose your university

  • What if my university is not on the list? Do i still eligible to apply for scholarship?
  • No, only students from Tokopedia's University partner can apply

  • What’s the requirements for this program?
    1. Third year student from Computer Science, Information System, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Engineering, or Industrial Engineering.
    2. Have a good academic and non academic achievement
    3. Minimum GPA is 3,30 out of 4 when applying and during the scholarship period Minimum Cumulative GPA is 3,30 out of 4, and will maintain the GPA at 3,30
    4. Interested in development of Technology in internet industry
    5. Willing to get involved in Tokopedia Scholarship program
  • What are the rules of this scholarship program?
    1. Not receiving any scholarship from other parties
    2. Students must maintain their cumulative GPA during scholarship period
    3. Mandatory: Selected students must do internship at Tokopedia after graduate
  • What benefits will i get if i accepted in this scholarship program?
    1. Tuition fee for 2 semesters, depends on your tuition billing
    2. Books fee for 2 semesters (Rp1.000.000 per semester)
    3. Allowance fee for 1 year (Rp3.000.000 per month)
    4. Graduation fee, may vary for each university
  • What format do i need to submit my essay?
  • The essay can be submitted in word or pdf format

  • What if i couldn’t maintain the minimum GPA during the program? Am i automatically removed from this program?
  • Yes, if you could not maintain your Cumulative GPA in the middle of your scholarship period, you will not eligible for another scholarship in the next semester

  • What if i receive scholarship from another parties during Scholarship period?
  • You will automatically removed from this program, and the penalty will be given based on the contract

  • What kind of internship do i have to run after i graduate?
  • Internship position may vary depends on your background and major.

  • Do i have a chance to be full time employee at Tokopedia?
  • If you achieve good result during your internship, you may have chance to be hired as full time employee at Tokopedia

  • Do i obligated to work at Tokopedia after finishing my internship?
  • No, you are not obligated to work at Tokopedia, but you need to do internship minimum for 3 months

  • When is the internship period?
  • The internship period can be adjusted based on your availability. You may start the internship during your university period or after your graduation

  • When is the expiry date for internship program?
  • You need to take your internship program maximum 3 months after your graduation

  • What if i could not finish my internship for 3 months?
  • You need to take another internship round (in different period) to fulfill your 3 months internship obligation

  • What if i cancel the scholarship program after i sign the contract?
  • You will be blacklisted from our database

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