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Gambar Meze Rai Penta dari SEMITSE Jakarta Pusat Tokopedia
Gambar Meze Rai Penta dari SEMITSE Jakarta Pusat 1 Tokopedia
Gambar Meze Rai Penta dari SEMITSE Jakarta Pusat 2 Tokopedia
Gambar Meze Rai Penta dari SEMITSE Jakarta Pusat 3 Tokopedia
Gambar Meze Rai Penta dari SEMITSE Jakarta Pusat 4 Tokopedia
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Meze Rai Penta

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  • Kondisi: Baru
  • Berat: 1.000 Gram
  • Kategori: Earphone
  • Etalase: Meze Earphone
The Penta Hybrid technology enables us to deliver harmonized sound frequencies without overlay of phase issues. For sound from the drivers to reach your eardrums it has to pass from through the housing / nozzle / eartip assembly. The seamless functioning of 5 drivers is enabled by the very specific and precise length of each sound tube which basically determines the air volume in front of each driver in particular.
Our design eliminates imperfections that you can find in regular plastic Tube and Dampener systems, which are commonly used in multi driver assembly.

The high precision CNC aluminium chassis,
skillfully milled from solid aluminium,
creates the perfect space for the sound to be
precisely channeled to your inner ear
directly and without distortion.

The Rai Penta work effortlessly with any device due to its low impedance and high sensitivity but to truly enjoy the potential of its painstakingly tuned driver array, we recommend a high resolution source. The response is super high resolution and is above any certificate or standard.

A balanced sound signature with impeccable micro-detailing provides unrivaled realism all across the wide frequency range, from 4Hz to 45 kHz.

• Driver : PENTA-HYBRID DRIVER (4 x Customized Balanced Armature and 1 x Dynamic Driver working harmoniously together)
• Frequency Range : 4Hz – 45kHz
• Impedance : 20Ω
• Sensitivity : 100dB SPL/1mW Sensitivity
• Max Input Power : 30mW
• Distortion : <1%
• Stock cables : MMCX connector ending in 3.5mm, Rhodium plated
• Upgrade cables : MMCX connector ending in
• 2.5mm TRRS balanced and 4.4mm balanced as extra accessories

Warranty Period: 2 Years
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Meze Rai Penta

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