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Foto Produk Beer Tower / Drink dispenser dari terminal vapor
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Beer Tower / Drink dispenser

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  • Kondisi: Baru
  • Berat: 4.500 Gram
  • Kategori: Dispenser Air
  • Etalase: misc product
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Beer Tower / Drink Dispenser 3 L
The Beer Tower stands 34 inches tall with a base of 8 inches in diameter. The clear plastic tube easily holds 3 Liters of your favorite beverage, and detaches from the base for easy cleaning and re-fills. Give your servers a break from refilling normal pitchers 2 or 3 times per table. Liquid can be dispensed from the free flowing Bar-Style Pull Down handle, or from the push button spout. Beer taps are intended to be carefully pulled down only a quarter of the way to dispense liquid. Taps will be damaged, if pulled completely down. The Beer Tower does not include any chilling accessories. We recommend adding our Beverage Chill Bats to your order.

Also known as a Booze Tube, Tabletop Beer Dispenser, Bazooka Tube, or Beer Pitcher.

100% brand new and high quality for durable use.
Disassemble for easy cleaning and storage.
Applicable places: bars, KTV,party, dinners, fruit juice shops, household.,etc
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terminal vapor

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min. Pembelian 30rb

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Beer Tower / Drink dispenser

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