Gundam SD RX-78GP03D Dendrobium
  • Gundam SD RX-78GP03D Dendrobium
  • Gundam SD RX-78GP03D Dendrobium
  • Gundam SD RX-78GP03D Dendrobium
  • Gundam SD RX-78GP03D Dendrobium
  • Gundam SD RX-78GP03D Dendrobium
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SD Gundam RX78GP03 Dendrobium
in box - original condition
not included marker for detailing
Time of Completion with detailing : 2 hours

As described in the MG model manual and MS encyclopedia, while the initial two designs of the Gundam Development Project were specifically designed for an offensive role, the Earth Federation Forces also needed a design for territorial defense in space, also known as Area Dominance tactic. In the Area Dominance Tactic, the battalion group will be small, may be even just a single unit, but need to be able to hold on to that region and fight against numerous enemies with a vast amount of firepower. Furthermore, if it's a single unit, it needs to be able to move around a large area of space rapidly to defend all the incoming enemies. Since the Earth Federation forces were interested in the power of mobile armors deployed by Zeon forces during the One Year War, they had specifically ordered the unit to be a model using mobile armor technology. The result of this was the massive "Dendrobium" mobile weapon. It was not a mobile armor but an unmanned unit composed of a mobile suit, the "Stamen", and its add on, the "Orchis".

Rp 200.000
Last updated Price: 29 Agustus 2015, 10:31 WIB
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