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Hexa Gear HG098 Governor Parapawn Judge Head TFG

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Product Introduction: [Mechanism Description] Parapawn judge head is a kind of reinforced type derived from a sentinel type and is one of the pure reinforcement equipment unlike the ignite-like aircraft that is given along with the "name". Like Parapone Sentinel, the Judge Head is the base of the aircraft as the base of the aircraft "Pawn" that was developed by Liberty Alliance. However, the Judge Head was not a base plane, but rather as a heavy loader infantry rather than a caval. With armor that is more rigid than conventional models, artificial muscles have been strengthened, so there is significant strength from the sentinel in terms of simple force. On the other hand, the weight of the frame is increased, so the movement performance is slightly reduced, but it has gained a high reputation in comprehensive look. The head sensor is an advanced sentinel-type model that is great for firearm control, but it is a fighting battle at close distances that utilize its arm strength and armor. The manipulator is the same type of sentinel to increase versatility, but the type used in the judge head has a high level of strength of each joints, and the grip strength far exceeds the sentinel to handle various proximity weapons. Its strength is rare to be damaged even if you hit the fist directly against Hexa Gear. The main weapon "The Ruler" is a large axe with a hexagram and a propulsion device. A powerful squeeze and accelerated shatters the standard armor type and parapone armor in one shot. The Judgehead also takes into account the visual impression of the populates as well as the ignite, and is combined with a fearless look of Western armor. But it looks like an excusioner who runs out of the diversion while simultaneously interrupting the enemy one after another, and the scene seemed to be a rebel to SANAT. Equipped Weapons: The Ruler (Large Axe), Mounting Arm, Safety Warning, Not Applicable
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